Day 1 the day the war begain.4.0000 years go on the planet cybertron i was a soilder when the war begain,however megatron noced me out for a while. Day 2.the day the decepticons almost got the allspark.i over heard that megatron defeted bumblebee but dident get the allspark becuse bumblebee sent it into deep space so megatron went after it. Day 3.the last days on cybertron and the landing on and optimus prime along with bumblebee,sideswipe,skids,mudflap,prowl,jazz,roadbuster and the other wreackers,wheeljack and ratchet got on boared the autobot ship known as the ark,however somehow megatron along with half of his decepticon army used thair ship to try and stop us,but we crashed on earth and for 4.0000 years we've been in staces but we finaly woke up and i took the form of a red van with a yelly line on the side i cant really tell you what the other autobots took for thair alt modes,heres a little spoiler alert,mudflap died dearing the crash leavin skids the only autobot twin still alive on earth.

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