Not Ed, Edd n Eddy related.

Anyways, during my recent birthday dinner (Panda Express) I received a complimentary fortune cookie. Upon cracking open the outer shell of the crusty confection I was greeted by a tiny slip of paper on which the words "YOU WILL TAKE A CHANCE - AND WIN" were printed on. My initial reaction was "I gotta buy a lotto ticket!". However, I eventually decided to play a little Team Fortress 2 and made the decision to purchase a key from the TF2 item store in order to unlock one of the many gift crates cluttering my inventory. Unlocking a crate is a gamble; you'll either get a really cool item, like a fancy hat with special effects, but most of the time you will wind up with a cruddy old weapon. Taking a chance, I selected a supply crate and unlocked it with the key. To my amazement I actually was awarded a hat that I actually like!

SO the next time you receive a fortune cookie, don't toss out the tag; take its advice.

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