So, according to a persistent anonymous user, Danny Antonucci has started on a new show entitled "Universal Uniters". The user provided a link to a movie website which had little information about the show. The link for the website, as well as a few others, are provided at the end of the post.

Because of suspicions about the legitimacy of the info, the official article, the anonymous user created, was deleted. The user retaliated by pleading spamming for help on several article comment sections. The user then attempted to recreate the page several times; the page was subsequently deleted by either myself or one of the other admins each time. I had lock the page from recreation until we get things sorted out.

Look, if this show is real then I'm all in for creating an article for it but there is too little information about the show to create an official article for it right now. If anyone can find more information about "Universal Uniters" please post it in the comments section.

For now, use this blog as a substitute for the official "Universal Uniters" article.


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