Okay, as many of you know, the Wiki has a badge feature now, where the system automatically gives you badges for certain achievements across the Wiki and the more badges, the more points you obtain. Now, before these badges were implemented, there was an Achievement Award system which required User:Kacieh to post the awards on your user pages after you nominated yourself. However, with the new badge system, many feel that these old awards are not necessary anymore and the badges have replaced them. Please vote in the following poll and tell us if you think we should keep the Achievement Award system, or just let the new badges phase them out.

—Poll closed—

Results: 5 - 3 in favor of keeping the Achievement Awards

Voting closed on July 27, 2010.

Since most votes went to keeping the Achievement Awards, we will not remove them from the Wiki. Instead, we'll continue to allow you to nominate yourself and other users in the signup page of the Achievement Awards page. A new system of users called Award Monitors will copy the coding for the awards into your user pages after the nominations go through.

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