UPDATE: Contest is now over – User:IbraheemSajid has guessed the correct city.

I see that almost everybody has been doing a contest of some sort, so I'll jump on the bandwagon.

Whoever can guess what city is shown in the following aerial image will win a User Gift.

City Contest


  • You have, in total, five guesses. If you choose to guess more than once in your post, each guess will count to your overall guess-count.
  • Your guess needs to be a legit city that exists. It can't be fictional or otherwise not real.
  • Your guess needs to be a city – not a region, metropolis, state, etc. You may, however, also include the name of the state the city is in when you guess it.


  • The city is in the United States of America, and in the Great Plains area.
  • The city is within the top five largest cities in its state.
  • The population of this city is under 100,000.
  • The borders of the state this city is in are mostly straight lines.

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