I'm trying to understand why so many users make grammatical errors in their comments on the articles. Is it really that hard to get your grammar and spelling right? It makes comments very hard to read and understand, and it also decreases the user's credibility when making their point.

Here are a few examples that I've found so far:

"thay could make a model of this and use it on destroy bild destroy it would be fun to wach the explosion"

"hey fans i think the bumper car sceans inspierd cartoon network th make cold a sac smash and cold a sac smash 2 whells of fury 2 of the games on the C.N. home site"

"eh im now just wonderin that if in tennecee there is deserts"

And this is only the start of it. Can someone please explain why some users can't get their grammar, spelling, and punctuation correct? It seems to be a consistent problem that is very annoying to me.

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