• Mokey Mokey Man

    Hi, these are three articles I wrote as an application to join the new G.I that Agent M is starting.

    While I'm waiting for his opinion on my stories I decided to put them in a blog for other people to read. So here they are straight from my mind.

    By Freelancer Mokey Mokey Man

    Yesterday whle looking for a story to put in the G.I I was forced to watch a movie by local lump Ed so I decided to write a review about it.

    The movie in question was "The curse of Evil Tim", that's right that well known comic book has been turned into a movie by Cartoon Network and it was turned into a bad movie for that matter.

    The main characters of the Comic book had been twisted and changed to the point that I a huge fan of "The curse of Evil Tim" was unsure if I was…

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