Research News

I was doing some research one day and I found out some info about the Cartoon Network show, Totally Spies!. According to the list of episodes, they originally ended on March 31, 2007. BUT, 3 years later (on April 26, 2010), it started airing again, unexpectedly. The way I see it, Ed, Edd n Eddy has until about December 2012 to January 2013 to start airing again. It can make a return!!!!

What Can We Do?

I am studying animation and I am thinking about making a new series called "The Ed, Edd n Eddy Shorts!" for YouTube. You guys can submit episode scrips, concepts, storyboards, ect. for the series. I have already written several scripts for the series.

Episodes so Far

Everything Ed Read Script
It's So Ed Read Script
Everybody Do Your Ed Read Script
Chip Off The Old Ed Read Script
Early Ed-ition Read Script
History Of Ed Read Script
The New Ed On The Block Read Script
Ed to the Future Read Script
Ed to the Future Part 2 Read Script
Ed to the Future Part 3 Read Script
Ed to the Future Part 4 Read Script
Up, Up, and an Ed Read Script
Up, Up, and an Ed Part 2 Read Script
I Was a Teenage Ed Read Script
The Ed-ban Rangers Read Script
Rang-Ed-Hood Read Script
Ed-Ship Rising Read Script
Vindicate-Ed Read Script
The Most Horrible X-Ed Ever Read Script
He's Ed-Vious Read Script
He's Ed-Vious Part 2 Read Script
An Ed Too Many 2: Permanent Crush (YouTube Movie) Read Script Unavailable
Speed Ed Unavailable
An Ed to Remember Read Script
Row, Row, Row Your Ed Read Script
For the love of Ed Read Script
Crushed like an Ed Read Script
I Dated an Ed Read Script
Kiss the Ed Read Script
The Ed-Lovables Read Script
The War of Ed Read Script
Dog Eat Ed Read Script
Eds and Dogs Read Script
World War Ed Read Script
Liar, Liar Ed on Fire Read Script
When the Ed goes down Read Script
The Return of Ed Read Script
The Tower of Ed Read Script
Can you get your Ed on? Read Script

New News

I am slowly trying to space out the lines.

Status: Progressing slowly
I won't post links until it is all done.

Submit Ideas

Submit ideas on my wiki!


You all kind of have a job to Submit ideas, but this is more important. I need some people to take jobs in submitting character images. We need people to take these jobs:

Character Images


Eddy - Forward Frowning
Eddy - Sideways Right
Eddy - Sideways Left
Eddy - Turned Around


Edd - Forward Frowning
Edd - Sideways Right
Edd - Sideways Left
Edd - Turned Around


Ed - Forward Frowning
Ed - Sideways Right
Ed - Sideways Left
Ed - Turned Around


Kevin - Forward Frowning
Kevin - Sideways Right
Kevin - Sideways Left
Kevin - Turned Around


Rolf - Forward Frowning
Rolf - Sideways Right
Rolf - Sideways Left
Rolf - Turned Around


Nazz - Forward Frowning
Nazz - Sideways Right
Nazz - Sideways Left
Nazz - Turned Around

All Characters

Those for ALL characters!
Just choose the character you want and that will be your job.

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