Sometime either last month or before, a few copies of the limited edition Ed, Edd n Eddy statue based from the episode "Dawn of the Eds" is up for sale on eBay, they only made 1000 of these in the entire world so they're heck of a collector's item. Anyways the two copies for sale, one in the US for $625 ($832.45 AUD) plus $50 postage ($66.60 AUD), and another in Australia for just $300 ($400 AUD), free postage. Now if I had the right amount of money, I woulda obviously gone for the cheaper one, and since I live in Australia, I'd get it quicker than the one from the US.

Another item up for sale is the 5 bendable figures featuring the Eds, Rolf and Kevin. These figures were originally sold on the Cartoon Network online shop back in 2005/2006, I was lucky enough to get them, although their current state of my copies do have some marks on them, plus Ed's lost a few pieces of his hair. Maybe one day, I'll get my figures refurbished and have them look what they originally did look like. Here's the listing for the 5 figures for $150 CA ($111.29 USD and $148.63 AUD):

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