Recently this year, I've been adding and replacing images on pages with high quality ones I found from Google, but later ended up taking screenshots from my EEnE DVDs to replace the ones I uploaded, just so they're the same dimensions. When I was uploading new images, I noticed there can be an infinite number on one page, but Xydux recommended a minimum of 50 per page since scrolling down would take forever to reach the bottom, then Carlos2295 decided around 50 is too much since he started minimizing the amount on one page for now, but with that amount it doesn't feel like enough images are provided for something, almost as if it weren't gving full detail.

The other week, I sent a message to Carlos about making gallery pages for the episodes and characters, just to extend the amount of images for an episode and/or character, cause who knows maybe someone wants to find a certain image from here they want and what if we don't have it? Carlos thinks this idea is good, since he (and I) have seen this feature happen for other wikis including SpongeBob, MLP etc. Xydux mentioned Kirkland recommending the tabs thing (like the general/script tab you see on episode pages.), either we go with the tabs option or we just keep the gallery content and provide a link to the gallery page (which is something I probably would, just cause it seems easier than the tabs).

In all honesty, I'd like to see this idea go through but I don't know when or if it'll happen, I don't wanna have to reupload my DVD screenshots and reorganize them again before some got edited/removed, since Carlos had to minimized them on episode pages (no offense). Besides Carlos who is in favor of this idea, there's possibly Xydux and maybe Kirkland, but I'd like to see who else wants this feature.

These were some examples I've seen of pages for gallery access on some of the wikis I've come across:

[episode title]/Gallery

[character]/Gallery/Season [no.]

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