I've been noticing on alot of pages that their are too many links. This is an example-

As Edd is preparing breakfast Eddy comes in with Ed, but Ed walks straight through Edd's screen door. While trying to pull the door back together, a winged insect into the house which somehow gets itself lodged in Eddy's throat, disabling his voice. Edd gives Eddy a bell to ring whenever he is trying to say something. Of course, Edd and Ed don't know what Eddy is saying. Rolf then walks by and can understand that Eddy is hungry. After lunch at Rolf's house, Rolf doesn't know claims false information on what Eddy is saying. For Eddy a nightmare day follows - foreign foods in the shape of glistening sausages and squid; synchronized swimming with his 2 pals (with plenty of dunking), a horrific ride on the "Unicycle of Doom" and finally the ultimate challenge – to face his greatest fears – none of which he actually requested in the first place! Eddy escapes, but when he gets his voice back, he is stuck in a tree. Edd and Ed hear him, but think this is all in their minds.

As you can see every time a name is mentioned they hae linked it. I would like to ask whoever is doing this to stop and for everyone else to help me rid this wiki of pages like this.

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