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A Rather Creepy Discovery...

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This blog is dedicated for my friend Chandra.

Recently, I've taken a night snapshot using my Canon PowerShot A2300 digital camera on an old abandoned villa in front of my house. Later when I've analized the photo, there is one orb that caught my attention. One of the orbs (or so called dust particles) has a shape that resembles a human face! Take a look on the photo below.

File:Mysterious Orb Face.png
If you look very closely, it resembles a rather creepy angry human face.

Here's a brighter version of the photo.

You can clearly spot its eyes, nose, mouth and even beard! This analization photo I've created shows you clearly the face parts.

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File:Mysterious Orb Face (Brighter).png
File:Mysterious Orb Analize.png

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