One day, I feared I would come a long way just to be ignored. I have had my ins and outs on this Wiki. I love the admins and hate the vandalizing people. I feared it would have to be this way, but after many years, I am deleting my old wikia account. I love you guys, and am using my other account, Shadowfan682 for now on. I will travel my distances, and help out this wiki if it's the last thing I do. I may've just been a troll all these years, but as I grew, I got smarter and wiser.

I love everyone on this wiki but the inconsiderate morons. I hope you guys can see this as an apology, and why I am not as active anymore.

New Beginnings

So I will begin my other account, Shadowfan682 with computer tutorials and tips. I am the second best technician in my family, and am proud of it. I respect each and every single one of you guys, and am sorry. If you have any computer questions, contact me at my AOL mail accounts:

See you on the other side.

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