Malware removal can be hard from a regular computer, especially if you use Windows. Malware like Rootkits, Trojans, Spyware and even Ransomware are to name a couple. This guide shows you how to remove a piece of malware, and next blog post the antivirus ins and outs. My guide will be here in this post, but let's get started with simple ways to remove malware and restore confidence. Here is the guide, enjoy!

Simple ways to remove malware:

Step 01: Go into safe mode with Networking Step 02: If you have ransomware, you can remove it simply by going into the registry. Step 03: Download Malwarebytes anti malware Note about Malwarebytes: uncheck the Malwarebytes anti malware premium trial during installation, or it will bug you to renew your license Step 04: Run a threat scan by going to Scans--> Threat scan Step 05: Hit apply actions, it will ask you to restart, click yes

Step 06 (Optional): If you still have malware, get Hitman pro and enable the trial, or if you have a browser hijack, get the program, Unchecky and use Adwcleaner.

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