• South Kaioshin Daniel

    Hey every one do you all wonder were the other characters in ed edd n eddy are you know the parents? well we do have some photos which ive gathered from this wiki which show other characters.

    Have you all wondered how the parents and the other kids look? is there eny other photos or vauge shots of them?.

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  • South Kaioshin Daniel

    i think there was a war between the Cul De Sac abd the Trailer Park thats why every one stears clear of it and also the Kanker Sisters own the trailer park. Thats what ive always thought i guess we all think diffirent things.

    Some day i wanna make a ed edd n eddy movie right after the big picture show called the Revenge of Wolf Rolfs Past and the Eds New Adventure!!!!!!! in which Eddys brother the Gourd Kanker Sisters Wolf all align and fight it out with the Eds and the Kids.

    sorry for my bad spelling.

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  • South Kaioshin Daniel

    Ed Edd n Eddy is one of my favorite shows but it is a very mysterious show we know none of the kids last names except for the Kankers and Nazz and Jonny also we havint seen eny one elses family besides Eddy and a brief picture of someone in Rolfs family mysterious? and a brief shot of one other kid in school? plus Kankers seem like a cult to me i mean come on lord kanker was there leader they owned Peach Creek? i think that the trailer park is run by the Kankers who are a cult and are feared by every one in peach creek.

    the mysterys of ed edd n eddy

    1. how does Rolfs Nana look
    2. what Country is Rolf from?
    3. were is Rolfs Family?
    4. how long has Rolf lived in Peach Creek?
    5. The deal with Wolf did Rolf know him before
    6. how does Urban Rangers head quarters look
    7. E…

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