Everyone on the wiki knows that most of the videos we put onto each episode pages are from the Youtube user: winxisback. Sadly, there's bad news on that. The bad news is that the videos that were provided by that user is gone due to the fact of termination from copyright infringement of cartoon companies such as Cartoon Network (the lamest nowadays), etc. Now where are we gonna find videos to put on the wiki? Stupid Youtube. If anyone can find videos for each episode pages, then state in the comments section and where you found it.

On Youtube, I seem to find another user, which most likely is "winxisback", with the same set of videos that the previous one uploaded: known as "kingofcommons". I think we'll stick to that guy's if their account remains active without being caught into trouble. It will take some time for the guy to upload back the videos that we use for each of the episode pages, so shouldn't take that long to search for the videos from this guy and replace the broken ones with those, nothing to be worried. We'll just have to wait for the guy to upload more videos of the episodes so we can replace the broken ones with the new ones, and it's trudging very slowly. (That mission: completed... for now)

Some reason, this user may be missing like one or two videos for this wiki, like for "The Good Ol' Ed" and "Too Smart for His Own Ed".

Edit: kingofcommons got suspended for violation of multiple third-party notifications of copyright, so that really sucks right now. Now the videos on the wiki are no longer viewable because the videos linked to his account got deleted.

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