• Striker490

    My Plank Theory

    July 22, 2010 by Striker490

    Here's a theory I have about Plank and how he can do all of those things he does on the Show:

    A long long time ago, Peach Creek was called Neboreh and in one of the houses, lived 2 Wizards. They were Naroomin, and Texplatsity. Naroomin was interested with the mysteries of life. But one day however, his questions led too far. Naroomin tried opening a portal to the Realm of Tranquility, a place where there are things that don't need to be questioned. But however, Texplatsity tried to stop him and he did. And as Naroomin's punishment, he was turned into wood and placed into the forest. Many many years later, Naroomin's soul still rested in the wood until Jonny 2X4 found him. Naroomin decided that the boy could some how help him get out of the …

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