My Grade

My head slams into the keyboard, because my grade is now suddenly ... an F again in Chemistry. I won't go into details, because if I do I am basically whining. I am unhappy and I wish it could be better. 

Am I a horrible Person? 

So one day I was bored and wanted to look up some other wikis that were around. One I could guess was aShrek wiki , because I remember the thing from my childhood. For some reason, someone posted images of Fiona's feet into her gallery, and I asked if I should question this action. The person who contributed the images happened to tell me that they wanted it their because it was attractive. An now I'm like "LOL"

Wiki Offers 

I must apologize for the unproffesional offer but, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to contribute to theLollipop Chainsaw wiki . There are many things unfurnished there and there are not many contributors to the site. If any of you are interested, you can leave me a message. 

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