Plans for Summer


Hey guys, just came to stumble by, since it's almost Summer for me, and I wanted to give out some greets for anyone who happened to miss my presence (if it was anygood at all). 


My grades are on the edge, and it is such a major issue for me. I have five A's, mostly A minuses, and one B+ close to an A. I am so stressed out, I have to get at least straight A's by the end of my semester, or my dad will go crazy on me. He is pressuring me to get straight A's, because he thinks that's the only way I can get into a college, since my mom put our family into debt, due to her shopaholism. 

Do you think my dad has the right to be mad at me if I don't have straight A's? He even gets mad if I have one A minus on my report card, and I honestly think it's ridiculous. But he is so stubborn to reason with, that I don't think that I can convince him otherwise. 


I have such a weird schedule, that I don't know if I can fulfill or commit to it completely. 

  • Work on my comic from last year, that I didn't continue, because I had endless school work.
  • Study Spanish (kinda okay) and Study my native language (I'm not getting an education I'd ideal). 
  • Consider a job (I hate doing this, because I don't want a job that involves me being a cashier). 
  • Learn how to drive. 
  • Lose some weight. 

Since I haven't really done truly helpful to the Wikia, except communicate, I'll be considering helping this Wikia once in a while. I'll review the project R.E.W.R.I.T.E. once I've got things settled for me. 

Anyways, how are you guys? 

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