Did anyone else see the news? 

This morning, I was one of many people who witnessed the Colby Fire burn the mountains. It was really interesting, made me wonder what caused the fire. My brother and I were being driven to his middle school, and the path that my father usually takes him to, was a long road that could lead directly to the fire. I began to get an adrenaline rush as we drove up, while my father took pictures with his phone.

I asked him to stop because I was really concerned that if he was too distracted, we could get into a crash, considering the large traffic. Me and my brother saw the fire really well, and even saw a helicopter release water to extinguish the flames. A lot of the schools had to be closed down, because the Fire department needed room to get to the Fire. My high school however wasn't closed, but my brother's school happened to be, and my father picked him back up, when the news said that the middle schoolers had to be evacuated.

The news didn't state that his school had to be closed down for the fire, until my brother was dropped off. It seems a little ridiculous, yet so obvious, considering how close it was to his school. I felt so concerned for him. 

As I watched the news from my classes, I heard that a lot of historically architectural homes were destroyed in the process of the fire. Many of the news forecasters were really saddened by this, as I didn't realize there were important pieces present within the mountains. My high school didn't evacuate however, due to the fire's smoke not reaching my area. What was on the other hand, was that a lot of students were being picked up by their parents, because there homes had been affected by the fire. A lot of classrooms I went to, began to shrink.

At my final period, the fire had been reduced to hotspots, and it was revealed that it was just three guys who had a campfire, and accidentally burnt over 1,700+ acres. The funniest part (sarcasm) was my teacher said that the long-haired suspect might have been an former student of hers.The saddest part though, is that hundreds were affected, many lives were risked, and many important pieces of history are gone. What I'm most worried about, is the bare mountains, that could create a mudslide, once it rains, creating another disaster. That worries me. 

What do you guys think? I am thankful that my family wasn't effected by the fire. I have so many important things here in my town, and I don't want to leave them all behind just yet.