Anonymous Users you must face the truth, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy has ended permenantly. The series has lasted over 10 years, a reasonable amount of time to last. Those who still obsess with the show must get over it, it has ended nearly four years ago and reviving it is likely impossible. Danny Antonucci has lived a long life of animating and is likely to end his career quite soon somewhere in the future. But those who manage to badger him into one's selfish wish of a show's revival think carefully.

Info from the maker of Scott Pilgrim

To illustrate his reasoning for eventually ending the Scott Pilgrim series, O'Malley used a quote from famed Belgian comics writer and artist Hergé, creator, writer, and illustrator of the well-regarded The Adventures of Tintin comic book series, from 1929 until his death in 1983. Hergé told his wife "And right now, my work makes me sick. Tintin is no longer me. And I must make a terrible effort to invent (him)… If Tintin continues to live, it is through a sort of artificial respiration that I must constantly keep up and which is exhausting me." O'Malley said "If I was still doing Scott Pilgrim in ten years, I would be dead inside."

If Danny Antonucci were to continue this series against his will, you will have of tormented your favorite animator who created your favorite Television series. Like The creator of Tintin, he was stressed into making so many Tintin books and he died exhausted and stressed. Do you want Danny Antonucci to die this way?

Many TV series also over the years also tend to lose it's touch or great feel since the media and entertainment interest change over the years.

The series also ended with all interesting conflict to be eliminated, The Kids became friend with The Eds which is technically what everyone interests with in the show.

The only thing coming close to a revival of EEnE is when Danny Antonucci has past away and a new younger talented animator in the far future revives the series, most likely different then the original series and trying to be more appealing to the newer generation.

So please Anonymous I beg of you to think carefully of why the series can't comeback

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