aka Mike Lo

  • I live in Uncharted California
  • I was born on September 29
  • My occupation is Underaged Artist
  • I am 17
  • WhitePinoy

    I barely watch TV anymore, not because I've grown out of loveable cartoons but because there doesn't seem to be a lot to watch about. Also my tv was taken away so that my family could save some money. It's very hard to watch Television right now. What do any of you watch now?

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  • WhitePinoy

    My gosh, I'm so bored. I'm wandering if anyone would be interested in critiquing my Art. I'm on deviantART so I was wondering if anyone would like to judge how I draw. I already got one but I'd like to see more.

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  • WhitePinoy

    Anonymous Users you must face the truth, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy has ended permenantly. The series has lasted over 10 years, a reasonable amount of time to last. Those who still obsess with the show must get over it, it has ended nearly four years ago and reviving it is likely impossible. Danny Antonucci has lived a long life of animating and is likely to end his career quite soon somewhere in the future. But those who manage to badger him into one's selfish wish of a show's revival think carefully.

    Info from the maker of Scott Pilgrim

    To illustrate his reasoning for eventually ending the Scott Pilgrim series, O'Malley used a quote from famed Belgian comics writer and artist Hergé, creator, writer, and illustrator of the well-regarded The Adventure…

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  • WhitePinoy

    The title says all.

    Regular Show = Ed, Edd, n' Eddy?

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  • WhitePinoy

    I'm actually looking forward to getting a critique from someone on this site. My idea has balloned since it's last description, before only having 4 pages now up to 22 and still possibly growing in detail and description. I'm no longer afraid of copyright infringement/ thievery because the whole idea is going to be on a picture with my name slabed all over to prevent copyright.


    • An Authorative Figure or Admin
    • Respect and Trust
    • An experienced wiki member
    • Experienced with storylines
    • Experienced with audience interest
    • Not an Animator or someone who could thieve
    • Criticism to be constructive, not insulting

    If you are an admin and I choose you for the critique. Please remove the image of the story idea immediately or any essence of it after cri…

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