Hello, this is Wilfredcthulu, yes I'm still alive (get the reference). As you know, there is a category for battles (located here). I have an idea to make a page for every organized and major battle in the show (so random quick street fights that happen a lot won't count).

Here is a list of battles that I plan on making:

  • The Alien Battle (AKA Eds vs Sarah and Jimmy) from "Dawn of the Eds" (I'm skeptical about this one). (Not being made).
  • The Pirate Battle from "Avast Ye Eds"
  • The Ed and Kanker Duel from "Know it All Ed"
  • Captain Melonhead vs. Professor Scam from "Robbin' Ed" (Not being made).
  • Edd vs. Jimmy from "A Fistful of Ed"
  • Battle at Rolf's House from "The Eds are Coming" (Not being made).

I want someone else to greenlit this before I start making the pages. Let me know if I missed any battles that were major. Once this is greenlit I will start making pages and you'll know when the page is made because it will be a link on this page. If anybody else makes a page, please let me know by leaving a comment on this blog.

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