I just watched Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show for the first time.


I liked just about everything in this movie. The way it started was cool, with the silence, the mid-parts, with each of the characters having their own little side-stories being shown alternatingly, each leading them to the same place in the end. The ending, however, wasn't really as I expected. It was too sudden and left a few things un-shown/un-concluded which I thought should be.

Eddy's Brother

More about him, such as

  • Why did he move out?
  • Why does he live in that Mondo A-Go Go place?
  • Why is he such a jerk to Eddy?

Overall, seeing him was good enough, I guess. Being unseen for the entire series, it was quite a serious thing showing him. I guess they did the best they could.

The Very End

Everyone going back to the Cul-de-Sac: that part should have been shown. The end makes it appear that the Eds are now friends with the rest of the kids, and aren't hated. If the very end was seen, this would be verified.

An explanation as to why this was is possibly in the fact that they had to have the movie be 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes) to fit their time slot. They must not have been able to expand on it.

Edd's Hat Part

Notice when Edd's hat comes off, Ed asks, "Does it hurt?" This could mean that whatever is being hidden could be an "it", an object of some sort, as opposed to the commonly thought of baldness, which is what I personally always thought it was. Thinking about it, "it" could in fact refer to baldness ("the baldness") as well. I guess we'll never know!


This movie was awesome. It was a great ending to what I honestly believe to be the greatest series ever. I feel a bit sad though. I recently watched through the whole series on my computer, and found that the only episodes I didn't see were some of the specials and some episodes in Season 5 (and as sort of already stated, the movie). The point being, I've now seen everything! There's nothing more.

I guess what's left to do now, write a wiki about it!

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