I noticed a long time ago that Wikipedia has a thing where once an internal link is placed once on some text, it isn't placed again in the article unless necessary. such as if the text is different.

Well, take a look at this, from the page on Button Yer Ed:


Edd Eddy Ed Ed Edd Eddy Edd Eddy Edd Ed Eddy Rolf Eddy Rolf Rolf Eddy Eddy Edd Ed

This is, IMO, ten times worse looking than red links covering a page about, say, one of the voice actors.

So, just saying, remember that an internal link should be used with with a certain piece of text ONCE in a page.

And another tip, if you aren't sure if the page you're piping to exists, check. If it doesn't and you think it should exist and redirect to the page you wanted, feel free to create it. It would be appreciated!

How to redirect if you don't know how:

Create a blank page with the title you need
Type on the first line,
#REDIRECT [[The page you want to redirect to]]


- X172 11:14, July 18, 2010 (UTC)

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