Well, this is the Spring 2013 report on various projects going on around the wiki, and what places need the most repair. Let's get to it.

NOTE: As this may be made into an official wiki project outline, it will be periodically updated when certain problems become void due to resolution. This will be signified by having the title of the section struck through.

Operation R.E.W.R.I.T.E.

Operation R.E.W.R.I.T.E. (aka Operation Ignored) has been going on for 2.8 years now and shows no signs of concluding. This project is trudging along at the speed of a tar-encased dinosaur. There are currently 86 pages that need to be rewritten (an actual boost from the end of 2012, when 103 pages had to be rewritten). The project seriously needs help, and any suggestions on what to do will be greatly appreciated.

Removed Video Template

To recap: videos are periodically removed from Youtube by Cartoon Network for copyright issues. This template would provide an external link for when we cannot embed the videos. Kirkland has created one of these (which I modified slightly). It is as follows:

Rolf TV "Rolf's television seems… dated." – Edd
We're sorry, but the video of Xydux/Spring 2013 Status Report is not currently embedded. You can [ download the episode from iTunes] or watch a free, lower-quality version [{{{2}}} here].

May I have permission to use this on episode pages without videos?

Galleries for Episodes

Look Before You Ed needs a gallery. (It also needs a video, but that's another matter entirely.)

Pages Requiring Cleanup


I really don't know what to do about this. I mean, it's obvious that this will need some work, but we need a template and basic formatting to work off. If we can figure out how things should look in terms of the basic format of things, it should be marginally easier to clean it up.

Hyuck E.


Mis-Edventures Scams

Nightmare on Ed Street is written out. Should I write out the other levels? I believe this can be done because, although I don't have the game, there are walkthroughs on YouTube that should provide adequate information.


Only a few left. Here are the 10 most urgent:

Cast pages

If you look at the above stubs list, you'll notice that the top 6, and 8 in all, deal with the cast. Not only this, but these seven also need pictures. In terms of what part of the wiki needs the most help, it's pretty obvious that it's the cast.

Hyuck E. really needs help.

He really does!

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