This blog is a wrap-up of what's happened on the wiki throughout the year and an outline of some projects that will probably be undertaken next year. The first part of the blog will deal with projects and what might be done to help some of them along to completion, while the second part will talk about what was accomplished over the past year. As this is an official wiki project outline, the first part will be updated periodically; as soon as a certain project is completed, its completion will be indicated by having the title struck through.


The most pressing project is that of getting pages written up for all the scams. So far, steady progress is being made towards this objective. All Season 1, Season 2, and Season 4 scams have been written out, so all that remain are 8 Season 3 scams, 9 Season 5 scams, 1 Season 6 scam, and 3 scams from the specials.

Scam Title

Speaking of which, there has been some debate over whether the "Eddy the Sheriff" page should be named "Marshall Eddy". As such, this poll has been created, and the winner will be decided after a week.

"Marshall Eddy" vs. "Eddy the Sheriff"

The poll was created at 02:38 on December 25, 2013, and so far 5 people voted.

Edd's Inventions

Carlos2295 has expressed a desire to have pages written out for all of Edd's inventions. This seems somewhat doable, if someone were willing to make a complete list of all the things that Edd has invented over time.


Once again, some pictures need to be dug up on the rest of the cast of EEnE. Also, if anybody has any information whatsoever, it would be very kind to share it.

Articles Requiring Cleanup

There is only one page left in this category.


Yes, I know I've been promising to clean this page up for the past year. However, certain other wiki projects keep getting in the way. If I can, I'll do some work on it, but expect it to be on the back burner for a while–that is, unless somebody else steps up to fix it.

Past Year Wiki Upgrades

This part lists all of the big projects that were completed on the wiki.

  • Script was written out for the movie.
  • Operation R.E.W.R.I.T.E. was completed after over 3 years of work.
  • Almost all episode pages now have videos embedded on them.
  • The number of stubs was cut down immensely.
  • Hyuck E.'s page was improved from the worst page on the wiki to a quite good cast page.
  • Approximately 50 scam pages were created.

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