This blog is a wrap-up of what’s happened on the wiki throughout the year along with an outline of some projects yet to be completed or that will probably be undertaken next year. The main part of the blog is going to talk about what projects might happen over the course of 2016 and some questions dealing with said projects and the end is going to sum up everything that happened over the course of this year. This blog will be updated periodically; as soon as a project is completed, the title of it will be struck through.

Photos for Cartoon Network Invaded

The pages for the Cartoon Network Invaded episodes (that aren't The Eds are Coming) are severely lacking in photos. If some could be added, that would be great.

Weeding out Junk Trivia

Despite lots of cleanup, on some pages there is still a lot of trivia that isn't really informative. A project to undertake is to clean out some of this junk trivia.

Higher Picture Quality

Carlos has been working on this, so let's all give him a big hand. Replacing old, low-quality photos with higher quality ones is a good thing, and he's been doing quite a lot of it. Thank you, Carlos!


Information on the cast and crew would be greatly appreciated.

Quotes Page

The quotes page still needs some cleanup. This has been on the back burner for three or more years now, and it doesn't look like it's going to move up in importance soon.

Update 12/30/15: The Quotes page has finally been deleted. It has long been obviated by the episode script pages.

Past Year Wiki Upgrades

  • High quality pictures were added to all Season 3 episodes.
  • Pages were created for "Cheese A Go-Go," "That Darn Platypus," "Strange Trout from Outer Space," "Cheese Orbs," and "Billy and Mandy Moon the Moon."
  • Scripts were created for the aforementioned episodes.

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