Hello there, I have something interesting to show you:

We all use to love Ed, Edd n Eddy during our childhoods and some of us still love it to this day, I am one of those people. From my childhood I wanted to have all the Ed, Edd n Eddy DVDs, so I could keep all the episodes to watch forever, but it costs MONEY, then, when I got older, I thought of another solution: why not download all the Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes on iTunes and then put them all into empty DVD disks, but in order to download a season load of Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes on iTunes, you have to PAY MONEY...So fast forward to 3 months ago from now, I thought of downloading all the Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes from Youtube and DailyMotion and put them all in several empty DVD disks - Homemade DVDs containing 10 years of a favorite memorable childhood cartoon: Ed, Edd n Eddy:

So, here's the progress with this project:

  • Season 1 - Fully Completed
  • Season 2 - Fully Completed
  • Season 3 - Almost Completed, Episode Shortage, in Need of Assistance
  • Season 4 - Currently in Progress, no Problems what's so far
  • Season 5 - Not Yet Started
  • Season 6 - Fully Completed
  • Special Episodes - Fully Completed
  • The Movie - Fully Completed

So, here's the deal, I need of assistance to help me complete this project, i am in need of episodes that i can't find online, this is a list of the episodes i need:

These are so far the episodes i need, but also, the episodes have to meet this criteria:

  • The episodes have to be good quality
  • The episodes have to be full episodes
  • The episodes must not have any side-logos apart the Cartoon Network logo
  • The episodes have to be full-screen, not chopped up
  • The episodes sounds must be the same as it should be, no editing to make the voises higher of lower
  • The episodes have to be showed vin the normal speed that it always does, no speeding up / slowing down the episode

I think I mentioned everything, so i'll update this blog when i make some progress and recieve some episodes...

Thank You.

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