• Zman12346

    After the events of the show, Eddy realized that he and his friends had to change if they were going to be liked by society. They decided that if no one liked them, they would have to make themselves liked.

    Eddy realized his biggest mistake was that he wasn't honest. That he didn't tell the truth when he should and so no one could trust him.  After realizing his flaws, he put a blonde wig onto his head and began wearing a cowboy hat. He also began wearing a mouthpiece so that whenever he spoke, his voice sounded much more pleasant and gentle. He renamed himself "AppleJack" and declared himself the "Element of honesty". He also found himself a new outfit after realizing that wearing his old outfit brought back painful memories of when he was…

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  • Zman12346

    Here's my opinion of what will really happen in the future of the "cul de sac". If things continue as they are

    In the future, Kevin has becomed the unquestioned master of the world. He has raised taxes tenfold and placed mind control caps onto almost everyone on the planet, making them his helpless slaves. He rules the world with a dark heart with Rolf, Johnny and Jimmy as his minions. He has other minions too who are just as evil as he is (e.g Rainbow dash, Shadow)

    He has banned christmas, laughter and joy in the world for everyone except him and his evil minions. 

    He took over the world by building a huge army of people loyal to him and ordering them to launch a huge attack on the world. Because his army was so huge and so evil, no one coul…

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  • Zman12346

    I believe the following would have made the show much better than it was.

    1.(most important)  Nazz should side with the Eds and not be against them like she was. Episodes where Nazz admired Kevin and gave him so many cheers (Like the openings of the episodes "this won't hurt an Ed" and "see no Ed") are episodes that suck. Nazz's completely uncaring attitude torwards the harsh treament the Eds recieved was one of the things I hated on the show. I hate the fact Nazz gives Kevin (the main antogonist of the show) so much attention while completely ignoring the Eds.

    In most of the episodes where the Eds are locked in a cage at the end of the episode, Nazz refuses to help them and simply shrugs it off. She should instead be rushing to their aid.


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  • Zman12346

    Is Nazz evil

    March 7, 2016 by Zman12346

    So I've been wondering to myself for a while now.  Is Nazz, a good or evil character.

    Because if you look closely at the episoes in the show, you'll see that she is nearly as bad as Kevin.

    One great example of this is in the episode "to sir with Ed". In that episode, Nazz left Eddy with his tounge sticking out of the door on a diaper while she partied with the other kids. Now that is just downright cruelty because anyone with a heart would clearly see Eddy was in need of help then. Would it have been too much trouble to open the door so Eddy could get his tounge out and not bleed to death. Nazz practically left Eddy to die, is that what a nice person does?

    The main reasons I think Nazz is a bad person are

    1. In many episodes where the Eds are …

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