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How do you change the title at the top of a page to a picture? I have my own wiki I'm working on, and I want to change the top.

Thank you.


Captain Redbeard


This guy's been cursing his head off. Special:contributions/ XYDUX


New User

Thanks for the hello and can you tell me what is specle ed aboutKomp101 18:29, September 24, 2011 (UTC) komp

More of Shadow the Lifeform's berserk ramblings

Hello. I have alot of Fallout new vegas problems. I hate how I keep getting killed and I hate the Ants. I hate them. They are overpowerd. Let's hope you can overcome my first problem.

The real Problem.

After tomas tried to atack I went and ambushed Tomas. And then I got murded by a humongas Worker ant!

Ok. I know.

My soloution is to start over.


This guy vandalized a page on the wiki, and he seems to be going on a spree. Please shut him down. XYDUX


This guy replaced content on the Ed page with "Big ol dumb nigga." Get him. XYDUX

He edited my user page, adding a delete template. Please block him and delete this page.


Nice Car: The quotes here have been removed by Clone Commander Cody 1. XYDUX

Chat please? :3

Wanna chat Jspyster? Kirk and I are there, we would really love to have you come please? :) TEST EdBoy3 [Talk to Me!] 23:53, October 23, 2011 (UTC)

Hi!could you help me im new here and i dont know what to do.please leave a messege on my talk page and give me more info about this wiki thank you that will be all.

Quote the Eds: JAWBREAKERS!

Hey,you wouldn't happen to have any quotes from Nazz,pertaining to "Boo Haw Haw",on the wiki? Silshrek 03:48, October 28, 2011 (UTC)


Approve operation: Edcyclopedia.

i read your desolation ed they are impressive man Zackerolowiki 01:49, November 6, 2011 (UTC)

Just so you know, I simply logged on while veiwing the Kevin page. I didn't edit it. Just letting you know.

Dude. Rally up pepole. I want to get the Flashback wiki started.

Yet another adminship request

Would you please make me an admin? XYDUX


Could you please make me an administrator? I wanted to delete the targets on the Spy Kids Wiki and the Spy Kids Fanon Wiki. Screwy Squirrel 03:09, January 17, 2012 (UTC)


Hi, I think this wiki should have tabs like the simpsons wiki: . What to you think about that? GrandisUrsus 15:05, January 30, 2012 (UTC)

I can fix the tabs, if you want me too. GrandisUrsus 14:20, January 31, 2012 (UTC)
You can look in the Sandbox now. What tabs do you want? Reference, Quotes... ? If you don't like the colors look here. GrandisUrsus 15:10, February 1, 2012 (UTC)
The main page shouldn't have tabs, it needs a gallery or something, also, the question should be about the show, I can see what I can do. Also could you make me an admin? GrandisUrsus

Sorry :/ I can see what I can do. GrandisUrsus 06:35, February 3, 2012 (UTC)


I got Fallout 3 working on my PC.

And here's some cheats for the command:



Thank you for habing me :D

Idea for Main Page.

I was wondering if we could add a "viewing guide" of what episodes come on. Ed, Edd n Eddy usually comes on weekdays from 3:30pm-4:30pm on Cartoon Network. I believe adding this will be a great way for viewers to know what episodes are on, without going to the conundrum of looking it up on the TV Guide website. Zmario 19:17, February 10, 2012 (UTC)

I need some help on my wikia.

Hi im from the eds through time wikia and i need some help adding pictures and adding page's could you help me out?p.s leave your reply on my talk page.

Bureaucrat Rights

Hey Jspy, I've recently received adminship rights on the Coheed and Cambria Wiki (WOOHOO! I'm really freaking happy, you got no idea dude :D) under my request. I asked for adminship rights... ONLY. Unfortunately, Wendy gave me bureaucrat rights as well. I think I got the adminship under hand, the way I've seen Kirkland, Stealthghost, Agent M, Jspyster1, etc. handle shtuff around this Wiki, but I have no idea whatsoever on how to handle bureaucrat rights. Can you tell me the basics and anything I need to know? You're the only user I know who has bureaucrat rights, not counting me.


Justification for Double D Jones' Block

My reasoning on his blocking are due to two significant traits similar to Mega Ed's. The first trait is the most obvious and is what made me believe he was a sock. One thing that was consistent among at least five of his sock accounts was that he made a blog post, often in mediorcre grammar (I would link to more, but many were deleted). On each and every one of these blog posts, the sock makes the first comment immediately after creation. This is staggeringly similar to Double D Jones' blog, and seeing that I have not encountered this behavior performed by anyone else so far, it must logically be Mega Ed.

My second reason is admittedly less credible, but I found it adequate to mention. One of of Mega Ed's socks, particularly Ejector the Toaster, asked you a seemingly innocent question asking for help. Similar to how Double D Jones asked you to help him on his new wiki. Both messages were in mediocre grammar, and while that isn't much to go on. I can't help but feel it's Mega Ed trying to sound more innocent with his socks.

Despite my evidence, I too am uncertain of Double D Jones being a sock, thus I gave him a one month block instead of the usual infini-ban out of the possibility that he may be an innocent. As always, the possibility that I may be wrong is there, but the evidence suggests that he is indeed, a sockpuppet of Mega Ed.

On a less related note, I believe it is time we set our foot down on Shadow the Lifeform. After several warnings and blocks, it is become rather clear that he is a troll. While he has become less of a thorn in our side recently, he is a thorn we should have pulled out quite some time ago. -Dr. Angryslacks


This Cartoon Network show is's so hilarious.......I wish it would come back to Cartoon Network anytime now.

Dude722 19:09, February 25, 2012 (UTC)

I'm back

Hey dude. Mike back again. What's been going on here?

Chapter 16

Jspy, I'm going to be blunt, just when are you going to write chapter 16 of DE? It's been what, eight months since you last updated? I don't know about you but I know eight months is a long time to take a break on writing fanfiction. Yes, there was that risk of fire, but that was in August. It's March right now and still nothing, frankly you need to get to work on writing yor fic. Not just because I want to post my own, but more importantly, you have at least one dozen people besides me waiting on you. Quit playing your freaking Saints Row games, make a trip back to the Vault, and write your EEnE/Fallout fanfiction!

Forgive me if I haven't made it blunt enough. -Dr. Angryslacks

Shadow the lifeform here.

Sorry for anger.

Hey dude...

Wanna have a chat with that chat thing?

HI! Remember me? I didn't have an account for about 2 years, the "I!" incident on the EEn'E article, etc.

Hi Jspyster1 I know I have said this before, but sorry if I'm making you and other anti Kankers look bad, it's just that I don't get what some people see in Marie or Lee. I'm only making a point I'm not trolling or bullying anyone. You did know that I was a girl right?

User Ananasz's edits on Ed page

I have noticed the big edits that Ananasz did to the Ed page. Should we keep all the edits he did to this page or no since he deleted so much from the page. I have nothing against this as I just want to ask you if we should keep all these edits on that page since now the Ed page is now much more shorter and different than all of the other known main character pages.Cardsknower 00:38, April 20, 2012 (UTC)Cardsknower

About mad, dangerous craziest times part

This part has been deleted twice whenever it was put on the Ed page. However this part is still intact on another main character pages, so I was wondering should we keep it off of the page or put it back in since this would not make sense if this part is in other main character pages.Cardsknower 23:09, April 20, 2012 (UTC)Cardsknower

New Account

Hi Jspyster1 I got an account, I'm I got an account because I didn't want to be just a random anon. Thank you for providing the EEnE wiki with important information to fans. My username is WhitePinoy


hi i need help.i was reading somthing in the badge catagory can you please help me out?

you see im kind of like double smart.nice.not very strong.great at invinting.the only difrences is im not a clean freack like him. the point is i need help with fixing some stuff here.

i need help in knowing,how to help you out you know give me a task and i'll do it.

Mepron info.

Mepron's story: Started out as a Mobian "Project". He crash landed to earth on Sep.21st 2081. The kankers find the Project and put him in their test lab. Now Marie infected him with some special type of "Mobain Revivers" Weapon' a violent demonic needle that makes you want to kill.

His first kills:

Kankers Guards and Mobain Inquistor project.

What is Meprons Weakness? Plazma Strikes.

Give me A critique

Oh Hi Jspyster it's me WhitePinoy, remember when I was an anon and I wanted a critique? I did not understand your critique would you please explain, thank you


Your Critique

I guess it would be easier to let me tell you what you said in your critique it was in EEnE big picture show.

"Your show should prove to be interesting once it explores the clashes between the different social classes".

- Jspyster1

I did not understood and I felt like your critique should of been more definitive. I have put more details to it in a 9-page summary on Microsoft Word but i'm worried posting it on a blog it would likely be stolen.

Note: Jspyster1 the message down there is from another anon not me.


jspyster1 i have a fanon it cord Ed, Edd n Eddy grown up i made the first episode can you make the next one because i'm gonna need all the help i can get

You need to see this

Jspyster someone has scolded you on Marie's Page and I think you should know about it.

- WhitePinoy

Hi Jspy

Hi Jspyster,

I haven't seen you in a while. I wanted to ask you something about being an admin. How do you become an admin? and if you were to become one what would happen if an admin were to abuse their power?

The SockPuppeteer reappears

Jspyster1 I'm here to tell you that a certain vandal made another account who claims to be Shadow the Lifeform.


ALRIGHT MISTER!!! I'M TELLING MOM FOR EDITING MY WORK!!! Squadronfire4552 00:50, May 16, 2012 (UTC)

Well my next edit, even though you are admin, You are still not allowed to edit it since Edd's default shirt color is RED, and your using artwork and i don't like that, and i don't like you moving my pics!! Squadronfire4552 00:58, May 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • I still do not approve of you editing my work so Don't edit my next edit or move any picture P.S Change your icon Squadronfire4552 01:06, May 16, 2012 (UTC) I TOLD YOU NOT TO EDIT MY WORK BUT YOU KEEP IGNORING ME!!Squadronfire4552 01:18, May 16, 2012 (UTC)
  • But the problem is, I don't feel comfortable with your edits so that is why i keep editing Squadronfire4552

Alright, dude or are you even a dude ? You are blaming Jpy for nothing and telling your mom ? Haha, I am laughing cause you are such a baby ! Only babies went to their mom and say "Mommy mommy someone is editing my work !"´. And just leave Jspy alone. CleanWater28IsBack ! 11:59, May 16, 2012 (UTC)

- Wow would you stop it? I'm aware that this person did something wrong but, I feel like what your doing CW28IB is wrong - WhitePinoy


He's been vandalizing pages as well as my User page (asshole), please block him.


Oh wait nevermind, I didn't notice Doc already banned him.

I'm sorry

It's me, SquadronFire4552, I'm Sorry!!!! I really am sorry for all my vandalism, Wanna unblock me and be friends? 03:37, May 20, 2012 (UTC)

To Jspyster1: I have create a new page called "Ed Kau Berat! (Indonesian Comic Strip)". The article I've writted is about an Ed, Edd n Eddy comic strip but the comic is writted in Indonesian, not English. The comic is published on a Cartoon Network magz published in Indonesia. Have you read it yet? If yes, please leave message on my talk page...


SchindlerLift1874 15:08, May 28, 2012 (UTC)


Hey this is a stupid question, but do you capitalize book titles? Or underline them?

- Myles

Alright, thanks.

For My New Awards...

I write for awards nomination for my new 4 awards; 25 Edits, 50 Edits, 100 Edits, and New Life Awards on the awards signup page. When you will send these awards to my user page? I can't wait for them. Hopefully you read this and send those 4 awards to me as soon as possible. Thx.

Oh yeah, so far I've made about more than 110 edits.

SchindlerLift1874 13:23, May 30, 2012 (UTC)

Sym-Bionic Titan Wiki

Hi Jspsyter1 I know this message has noting to do with the EEnE wiki but I went to another CN wiki and I notice the Sym-Bionic Titan wiki is an unclean wiki. It has many innapropriate comments and some pages appear to be poorly made. How could I remove some of the innapropriate comments on this other wiki?

Danny Atounnuci Page

Jspyster1 I'm worried the comments in Danny Atounnuci about EEnE coming back will cause a flame war. Should you delete them?

I'm sorry for my past reactions

I'm sorry that i flipped out, Want to be friends again?

Squadronfire4552 15:47, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Hi, this is the series logo wiki HD resolution Edddddy --Lex-ph (discusión) Impulsor 20:22, June 7, 2012 (UTC)

Poll Blog

Hi Jspyster1,

I've created something called Bothersome News a blog. I am with others going to be posting a comic strip but only one comic strip can be released at a time. Would you be interested in voting? Jspyster I need you to respond and vote aren't you?

Edd's Gallery Mistake

There's something wrong with Edd's gallery. I've checked that there are some mistakes occur on the gallery:

  • Picture of Fusion Edd is mistaken as Nurse Edd nametag.
  • Picture of Full View of Edd's body is mistaken as Fusion Ed.
  • The caption of Nurse Edd nametag picture is says Fusion Edd.
  • The caption of Fusion Edd picture says Full View of Edd's Body.

I'm not sure who makes these mistakes. Hope you can fix it as soon as possible.

SchindlerLift1874 13:37, June 13, 2012 (UTC)

My Awards

Hi Jspyster1. I was asking about my awards, when you will send those awards to me? My awards are:

  • 25 Edits
  • 50 Edits
  • 100 Edits
  • New Life
  • Blog

Hope you send these as soon as possible. Thx.

SchindlerLift1874 03:45, June 14, 2012 (UTC)


Hi Jspyster1! Thanks for sending my awards! Here, I give you this...


You have been rewarded [1] Jawbreaker by a fellow user for one reason or another. Oh boy, it's China flavored...


You have Been Rewarded [1] TV for One Reason or Another. Watch Ed, Edd n Eddy for Life

Picture Suggestion

Hi there! I was wondering if I can add some pictures for the Eds comics in Cartoon Network Block Party Comic (Last Nail on the Edhouse and Half Bak-Ed). I have that comic and maybe I can take some pictures of them. What do you think about this? Reply as soon as possible. SchindlerLift1874 14:28, June 17, 2012 (UTC)

250 Edits

Hi again. I've notice that I've reach 250 edits, so I should get that award. Can you send it to me? Thx. SchindlerLift1874 13:56, June 19, 2012 (UTC)

@Jspy: If you're going to be giving people awards, would you mind being added to the list of official Award Monitors and post the template on your user page? That way people could tell you are someone to go to for that purpose. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Reporting Page

Unrelated to this wiki - WhitePinoy

Sysop cleanup

Jspy, do you think it would be wise to remove some of the inactive administrators from here? I mean the ones who haven't contributed an edit since 2007, five years ago now, and who aren't relevant to the community any longer. Not only that, they were just added because there wasn't any one else to do the job at the time, they're not necessarily the cream of the crop. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Spelled or Spelt

Jspyster what is the correct word to use on this page, is it spelled or spelt? for Libia/Lybia

- WhitePinoy

Can I make a blog about this?

Hi Jspyster1 it's me WhitePinoy,

So I came across a whole channel made by some guy with the username "TheIgnoredGender". After watching the video, I'm having strange thoughts whether what he could be saying is true or not and I felt like I have to share his videos for some reason. Also in another subject what happened to your Genki Avatar? I love Genki.

The videos talk about Misandry and how men are mistreated and it is never noticed, is that too controversial or no?


Don't feed the troll. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Alright, also, did you ever get that new computer? -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Yeah that may just be the case. He hasn't really broken any rules yet, and if he just does his thing on his own blogs it shouldn't be too big of an issue, but we should definitely continue to monitor him. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Very well, I understand that these socks never really were particularly dangerous, but I still believe this could-and-should-have been dealt with earlier. If you absolutely must play detective, I won't stop you. Dr. Angryslacks
"Playing detective" is actually an essential part of being a fair administrator. You can't make judgements without first thoroughly monitoring specific users' actions. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin


Um i need your help this guy who gives all his pictures the joker face is vandilizing my wiki,my wiki is called the book of the kanker sisters,please help me save it!

Evidence for Grimlock

Hi Jspyster,

Do you need more evidence to prove Grimlock's Guilty? I have some pictures you can preview that I took before the blog was removed. You want to see?

Jspy, I'm pretty convinced it is Mega Ed now. Just look at the "Misandry?" blog. Permission to block indefinitely? -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Proof to testify Grimlock

I have the proof to prove that Grimlock is truly The Shadow the Lifeform to prove him guilty and worthy of being banned.

His previous account Double D Jones had addmited he was 14 of age.

Shadow The Lifeform also appears to be needy of attention, He needed atenntion of his blog and his reply on his previous account about The Eds's Hair.

As a test to prove he's a sockpuppet, I had asked him about the hair colors of The Ed's, he replied " I think Ed's is red" and he's beenobssesed with believing he has red hair.

A fanboy for The EdsxKankers despite incompatability.

Poor Grammer Skills.

And aTransformer Fan.

All these personal traits have been notice with previous personas and sockpuppets of Shadow The Lifeform. I recommend Action must be taken immediatley. I would also like a request for a new page creation about this Sock Puppet User if appropriate. You should also decide whether the comment on my blog "Misandry?" should be deleted. I and the other good active users of this wiki thank you for your choice.


Jspyster, it's time we decided on this matter administratively after having inspected the evidence and compared behavioral tendencies. WhitePinoy has a good case, and my own independent research and observations has been favorable in implicating Grimlock for sockpuppeting. Could you please take a look at the "Misandry?" blog as it appears now and report back what you think? The comments on this blog are the biggest pieces of evidence for me; look at how he refers to Mega Ed. If this were some new user unaware of Mega Ed's existence, he wouldn't be so in depth about him. Look at this, "Im grimlock223 not mega ed,i just got here some short time ago becuse some guy from here told me to join,so you guys would agnore him and...oh i think he was mega ed!" If this isn't enough to implicate him, what about this: "i know what he might do next,do to the fact he has been banned several times,he would just leave here,and go to somewhere else,also did he ever use an account based off of star wars,becuse someone not only came here and used a star wars charecter name,but they took credit for an idea i had", "so if mega ed took credit for my idea he should have giving me credit becuse i came up with the idea all he did was not only create sockpuppet accounts but also stole my great idea,so i will help you look for any sockpuppet accounts that might be mega ed's!" I think we're done building our case. Most of us are already quite convinced that it's a sockpuppet account, and rightfully so. I wanted to get your A-OK first before I place the block. Please report back on what your decision is. Thank you sir. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin
Yeah, he did that after I posted the above message to you. I told him that we're obligated to come to a collective administrative consent on these matters. Maybe we should try to reinforce a stronger sense of comradeship between you, me, Doc, and Stealthghost so we all reach decisions as a group effort. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin
Agreed; do you think we need a place to discuss matters in private so our administrative decisions aren't available to the troublesome users about whom we may be discussing? -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin
I put in a request for something like that at the Community Wiki at one point, but I think there's just an "email user" kind of thing. But I meant something where all four of us active admins could privately post about administrative matters so each of us could see the discussion. I suppose I could create a free forum with invisionfree for us? -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin
People seem to use that feature occasionally; I see maybe two or three people on it daily. I don't know if it'd be right or if even possible to kick them out when we have to meet. Not only that, the likeliness that all four of us would be online at the same time is unlikely, and that chat doesn't archive its messages. So it's hard to say. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Re quick qustian

Um i dont know,i did not check that page out yet,but since that it has never been reveld,it is unknown!

Re Re: Quick Qustian

Ed's hair color is of corse orenge,and if your going to ask me what edd(A.K.A Double D) hair color is,no one is sure of that,all we know is that in the cartoon double d was in a bad dodge ball insedent(this is a hint as ,in the episode where eddy was trying to teach jimmy to be a scamer like him double d stated that it was gym class all over again during the dudge ball game,and in the movie ed asked double d if it hurt! so i think double d has a bad bump on his head!


Hi Jspyster,

I hope this won't bother you, but the blog I made about Misandry, I think it's an important subject and that many people should know about and give their opinions. I was just wondering if you had one, is that OK?

- WhitePinoy 00:30, July 15, 2012 (UTC)

Mega Ed's a hacker!

He edited something when he's blocked!

- WhitePinoy 00:51, July 17, 2012 (UTC)

That's because Jspy allowed him to edit his talk page while blocked. Which I don't understand why; I changed it back. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

I'd assume ease of use, because that's the default setting (allowing user to edit talk page). XYDUX

No, he physically changed it after Dr. Angryslacks disabled allowing to edit talk page along with Grimlock's block. But he explained why on my talk page. Fair enough, Jspy. Are you satisfied with the block as it is now? -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

How are you doing?

HI Jspyster1,

I wanted to check how you were doing. Say I don't want to bother/annoy you but Is it OK you do that little thing I asked you about the blog some weeks earlier? The blog is called MIsandry?

-WhitePinoy 14:36, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

Quotations of Recreation and Pontification.

May I have permission to add a bunch of quotes to the Quotes page? (By this I mean, can I basically add parts of transcripts.) XYDUX

Eddy's Brother

Did you watch the movie? Becaude I remember Eddy saying that his brother was once a whaler. It was mentioned twice at times: 0:50:48 and 2:16:33 in the following video.

File:Ed Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show

How do I add photos to the wiki legally

Hi Jspyster I was thinking of adding pictures to this wiki but I was going to get the pictures from youtube. Is that legal? because I want to add some pics.

-WhitePinoy (talk) 00:33, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

No Thanks

I don't need help, but thanks for asking. Also, Hi! Vlitzanov (talk) 08:22, July 28, 2012 (UTC)

/*odd qustian*/

Thats an odd qustian,i dont know black i guess i really dont know! P.S why did you ask me trhat qustain anyways? Jacksparrow223 (talk) 00:18, July 31, 2012 (UTC)


Admin Dr. Angryslacks said that if any new user shows signs of being Mega Ed they should be banned regardlessley. Do you think you agree with him?

- WhitePinoy (talk) 14:53, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

Shoutbox Scripts

Kirkland and I are discussing separate script pages on the Shout Box and I would like your permission to attempt it for "The Eds are Coming." Please respond there. XYDUX

Season Transcripts

I'm trying to go season by season for the transcripts; could you please vote for which you want first here? XYDUX

My Art

Oh Hi Jspyster1,

I was wondering if you'd be interested in critiquing my Artwork.

Oh Hi Jspy, I'm happy whay you've thought of my art. How do they look like Scott Pilgrim? I've been getting that alot


- WhitePinoy (talk) 15:17, August 4, 2012 (UTC)

New Blog

I have a project


Related Videos Module

Hi, my name is Nic and I'm a member of the Wikia Content Development Team. As you may have seen on many wikis such as Call of Duty, there is a new module for the right hand column that displays related videos to the Wiki. This is a new feature that we want to place on your wiki, would you be cool with allowing this? - Wagnike2 (talk) 18:51, August 10, 2012 (UTC)

Block sockpuppet

Block Hhop, please. You must block him because he is a sockpuppet since he has a similar behavior to that of the 206 IP. He continues to insert untrue info. Thank you.PB&Jotterisnumber1 (talk) 14:09, August 11, 2012 (UTC)

Editing Pictures

Hey Jspyster do you remember the picture editing project? I edited one of the pictures of Marie. There are two versions but I would like your opinion. This one was edited because it had a watermark.

WhitePinoy (talk) 16:21, August 14, 2012 (UTC)

Transcript 2.

Please vote in this poll. I beg you! XYDUX

Hey there! I'm fairyly new to this whole wikia page thing, but i did do a rewrite of the plot for the hand me down ed episode and added a pic or two, so if you wanted to take that off the list of project rewrite...i was just letting you know, its up to you obviously! Thanks for bearing with the noob! :) EbonyKitsune (talk) 06:57, September 6, 2012 (UTC)EbonyKitsune

Oh ok...I guess I'm confused what you mean by rewrite then, because I did completely change the write up of the plot compared to what was originally there. Not meaning to be rude of course, but what else should I have done? Compared to the copy of the original plot that was there that I saved, the new one I put up is completely different. Please let me know what you had hoped for instead and I will be glad to assist. EbonyKitsune (talk) 06:20, September 7, 2012 (UTC)EbonyKitsune

Oh, you know what I just realized, and I'm not sure if you knew this or not and maybe that's where the confusion lies....I had rewritten the plot and when I went to save it it said that a random "guest" user as it were, had done it, because it had logged me out. Anyway, I don't know if that helped at all or not, heh. ;) EbonyKitsune (talk) 06:22, September 7, 2012 (UTC)EbonyKitsune

Some quick help

Can you please remove the rewritten template off of the Pop Goes the Ed page? I have completely rewritten the entire plot, so I don't think there is a reason to have it there anymore.Cardsknower (talk) 22:06, September 14, 2012 (UTC)Cardsknower

Please help me write scripts for the episodes, guys! 15:18, September 27, 2012 (UTC)

Season Categories

Regarding the summary of your most recent edit on Dames, Dates, and You...

You tell me that now? Do you know how many articles I've added "Season _" categories depending on what season they've appeared in? Not that I'm complaining or unwilling to fix it, but you could've at least told me sooner...


Media Recommendations

Jspyster I believe I understand why you would have such of an opinion. You think that it's ridiculous how people of today are still somehow mediocre. Also you've also made me want to ask you three things so that in the future I won't look so stupid because I am very interested in becoming an animator. What would you highly recommend I do with my show (hopefully you remember me telling you) so that it won't be a mediocre show that is very popular. I got a critique about an in-depth version of my show (more details) from my teacher and he said it was a very good show and that I should give it to any popular Channel that's going on right now. What would you recommend the humor to be?

WhitePinoy (talk) 22:47, October 5, 2012 (UTC)

Last Poll

Would you please vote in this last poll? XYDUX

Favicon Help

Hi Jspy, since you're an Admin, I need some help about adding a favicon picture. I'm an Admin in Elevator Wiki and I'm having a difficult; when I'm inserting a picture for my wiki favicon, it says File is Incorrect. Can you help me about it?

- Me username >> IDLift3000 [Contact me now!]

Tight End Ed Script

For some reason, the wiki won't let me access Tight End Ed. Could you copy the following coding to the page:

{{Top|Tight End Ed}}

and then click on the redlink and add the following script:

{{TopScript |episode=Tight End Ed }} ''[Nazz, in her cheerleading uniform, somersaults over a bench and poses.]'' <br /> '''Nazz:''' "Razzle-dazzle, make em cry! Peach Creek Cobblers sock 'em in the eye! Yeah!" <br /> '''Sarah and Jimmy:''' ''[Sarah on Jimmy's head]'' "Go, Cobblers!" <br /> ''[Sarah slips on Jimmy's sweaty hair and falls to the ground.]'' <br /> '''Jimmy:''' "Ow!" <br /> ''[The football players gather around and laugh. The team is composed of Rolf, Ed, Edd, Jonny, and Plank.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' ''[in uniform, angry at the team]'' "Alright you maggots, listen up." ''[Eddy yawns.]'' "Tonight we're playing against our rival school, Lemon Brook Lumpers. We need to crush em with our defence, and dominate em with our offence." ''[to Rolf]'' "Got it?" <br /> '''Rolf:''' "Rolf knows of this offence! As Nana has the body odor of a well-fermented yak!" <br /> '''Kevin:''' "Gimme that pigskin!" ''[He gets in a three-point stance.]'' "Watch and learn." <br /> ''[Kevin takes off and slams into a tackling dummy. He strains against it for a few seconds before releasing.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' "Killer!" ''[to the team]'' "Right, show me what your made of. Hustle hustle hustle!" <br /> ''[Jonny runs into a dummy and bounces off. Rolf simply walks up to another one.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' "Hit it, man, hit it!" <br /> ''[Rolf bends the dummy over, takes out a paddle, and spanks the rubber.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' ''[to Ed and Edd, who are struggling]'' "Do you want those Lumpers to win? Come on, ladies, hit it!" <br /> ''[Kevin walks over to Eddy, who is lounging against the last dummy.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' "Pathetic. You dweebs don't have a backbone between ya." ''[He goes inside.]'' <br /> '''Jonny:''' "Plank says no kidding, braniac!" ''[to Plank]'' "You sure told him, buddy!" <br /> '''Edd:''' "I fear my athletic skills may not be up to Kevin's standards." <br /> '''Eddy:''' ''[throwing his helmet away]'' "Who invented this game anyway? I'm only on this stupid team 'cause the uniform makes me look like a hunk." ''[Edd giggles.]'' <br /> '''Marie:''' "Yoo hoo, Cobblers! Over here!" ''[The Kankers are on the bleachers, dressed in jerseys.]'' <br /> '''May:''' "Hey Marie, do you smell something?" <br /> '''Marie:''' "Why yes I do, May. What stinks, Lee?" <br /> '''Lee:''' "I'll tell you what stinks, Marie. Peach Creek Cobblers stink." ''[The Kankers lift their shirts to reveal the words written on their stomachs.]'' <br /> ''[Ed wrenches his head free from the dummy and looks at the stands.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' "KANKER BELLIES!" ''[He reaches for his eyes and runs in circles.]'' "Be gone, judgy bellies!" <br /> ''[Ed runs into a dummy. The Kankers throw trash at the players.]'' <br /> '''Marie:''' "Washout!" <br /> '''May:''' "Losers! Losers!" <br /> '''Lee:''' "Aw, somebody hit the ballman." <br /> '''Nazz:''' "Wow." ''[She and her cheerleaders are at the base of the bleachers.]'' "It's like we don't even exist. How are we supposed to win the big game tonight if nobody's got any school spirit?" <br /> '''Ed:''' "Mutant bellies from Hades!" <br /> ''[Ed trips over a discarded apple core. This sends him spinning. Ed spins up the bleachers and slams into the Kankers and their trash can. They all fly off the bleachers. The Kankers disappear, but Ed runs into a tree, which catapults him back onto school grounds. The kids cheer.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' ''[dancing on a bench]'' "Look at me, my big brain dance. Shake it like you've got ants in your pants!" ''[He then hands the cheerleaders off.]'' "A B D, one two three, my butt's bigger than a small country! Alley-oop!" <br /> ''[Ed leaps in the air and comes down in the water barrel. All the kids except Sarah cheer.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' "Hey Muttonhead, your small country sprung a leak!" <br /> '''Nazz:''' "Ed! You're perfect, dude!" <br /> '''Ed:''' "Who? What?" <br /> '''Nazz:''' "You, silly. C'mon, I'm gonna show you something." ''[A saxaphone plays.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' "Where? Why?" ---- ''[Edd and Eddy are at Edd's house, eating spaghetti. While Edd twirls a forkful, Eddy tries to just pick it up. Each time he lifts his fork, the pasta falls off.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' "How the heck are you supposed to eat this stuff?" <br /> '''Edd:''' ''[raising his fork]'' "It's all in the wrist, Eddy." <br /> '''Eddy:''' ''[dangling and wiggling a noodle]'' "What, like that?" <br /> ''[Edd's back door creaks open. Ed steps in, sweaty and nervous. He closes the back door and walks to the table. Ed takes a seat between his friends, silent and scared.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' "Where've you been?" <br /> ''[Ed sweats.]'' <br /> '''Edd:''' "Um, hungry Ed?" <br /> ''[Ed sweats. Edd carries a plate over.]'' <br /> '''Edd:''' "Here, have some hearty spaghetti. They're full of energy-packed carbohydrates important before a big athletic event." <br /> ''[Ed leans forward and sucks up one long noodle. He then sits in the chair, sweating.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' ''[angry]'' "So? What did Nazz show ya, huh? Dish it." <br /> ''[Ed's chair topples over with Ed in it.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' "I SWORE, EDDY! BIG SECRET! NAZZ SAID SO!!!" ''[Ed clamps his hands over his mouth.]'' <br /> '''Edd:''' ''[looking at a clock]'' "Good lord! We're late for our game!" <br /> '''Ed:''' "Late? Can't be! Um, shower! That's it. Shower for Ed." <br /> ''[Ed leaps into the sink and goes down the drain.]'' <br /> '''Edd and Eddy:''' ''[in tandem]'' "Since when does Ed shower?" ---- ''[There are plenty of people in the stands right before the game.]'' <br /> '''The Cheerleaders (Sarah, Nazz, Jimmy):''' "Go Cobblers! Go Cobblers! Go Cobblers! Yeah!" <br /> ''[The football team bursts out of their locker room and takes places on the sideline. They stare across the field at the Lemon Brook Lumpers; giant, monstrous high schoolers ready to destroy their rivals.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' "They don't look so tough. I bet even you could sack that quarterback, Double Dweeb." <br /> ''[Kevin slaps the nervous Edd on the back and Edd falls onto the field.]'' <br /> '''Edd:''' "They certainly appear to have superceded the standard growth chart, haven't they?" <br /> '''Plank:''' <br /> '''Jonny:''' "Whaddya mean, are you in my will, Plank?" <br /> '''Rolf:''' ''[calm]'' "All Rolf sees are teensy-weensy babies." <br /> ''[The camera shifts down Rolf's body to reveal though his upper body is calm, his knees are knocking.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' "Man this is gonna hurt." <br /> ''[A whistle blows. Kevin puts his helmet on and makes his way to the center of the field.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' "Coin toss. Right on!" <br /> '''Edd:''' ''[looking around]'' "Eddy, I'm concerned. Not only for my well-being, but for Ed. It's not like him to just disappear like this." <br /> '''Jimmy:''' ''[cheering]'' "A blast from the past, now here to stay!" <br /> '''Sarah:''' "Peach Creek Junior High's got something to say!" ''[Nazz pushes a cardboard oven out.]'' <br /> '''Nazz:''' "Don't look now, he's on the move; our Peach Creeks got a brand new groove!" <br /> ''[The oven bounces around a bit before the door pops open and Ed, in a cobbler costume, pops out.]'' <br /> '''The Cheerleaders:''' "Yay, Cobblers! Go team go!" ''[The team looks on from the sidelines.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' "Mascot?" <br /> '''Edd:''' "Is that Ed?" <br /> '''Ed:''' "It's a pie in the eye for Lemon Brook Junior High! Lumpers are bad and they ain't got no chance, so go home and wet your pants!" ''[He kicks some dirt onto a Lemon Brook uniform.]'' <br /> '''The Cheerleaders:''' "Yay, Cobblers! Go team go!" <br /> '''Edd:''' ''[putting on his helmet]'' "So that's why Ed's been acting so secretive! He certainly has what it takes, don't you think Eddy?" <br /> '''Eddy:''' ''[amazed]'' "They think he's great!" ''[to Nazz]'' "Hey! I should be the mascot! Don't you think? After all, I'm the life of the party! The jack of all trades!" <br /> ''[A whistle blows, and the cheerleaders leave the field. The Lumpers trample downfield for the kickoff. The kick sails high against the bright blue sky.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' "It's right to ya, man!" <br /> ''[Kevin heads upfield to block. Edd catches the ball in the endzone. He looks up to see a giant body coming at him. The ball pops out and sails to Jonny.]'' <br /> '''Jonny:''' ''[arm out for a handoff]'' "Take it in, Eddy! Eddy?" ''[He gives the ball to his best friend.]'' "Now's your chance, buddy!" <br /> ''[Another body leaps onto Plank and Jonny. Kevin takes the ball away just in time.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' "Quit slacking and cover for the missing dork!" ''[He hands the ball to Edd.]'' "Dork." <br /> '''Edd:''' "Eddy? Oh, Eddy?" <br /> ''[Edd gets plowed down by two defenders. He must have fumble, as the Lumpers score a touchdown.]'' <br /> '''Lee:''' ''[doing the wave with her sisters]'' "The Cobbler mascot–" <br /> '''Marie:''' "–really is–" <br /> '''May:''' "–cute!" <br /> '''Lee and Marie:''' ''[punching May]'' "Lame!" <br /> '''The Cheerleaders:''' "Cobblers, Cobblers, sis boom bah!" <br /> ''[Eddy, wearing a hammer costume, knocks Jimmy out of the way.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' ''[rapping]'' "I'm the Peach Creek Clubber! I'm the best best guy you've seen! Forget about this old dope, he's just a has-bean!" ''[Eddy tries to club Ed, but the costume is tougher than he anticipated.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' ''[impressed]'' "Nice move, Eddy!" <br /> '''Edd:''' "Eddy!" ''[He runs to the sideline.]'' <br /> '''Jonny:''' "Run, Plank!" <br /> '''Edd:''' "What on earth are you doing? You're supposed to be a–" ''[An errant pass hits him in the back.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' "Keep your eye on the ball, Double Doofus! Get up, get up! Today! Now!" <br /> ''[Eddy steps out from behind the cheerleaders he was hiding behind. Sarah stomps on his foot, and the cheerleaders walk away. Suddenly, a hand grabs Eddy and pulls him forward.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' ''[happy]'' "Did Nazz make you a mascot too Eddy?" <br /> '''The Cheerleaders:''' "Cover your ears and open your eyes! It's the Peach Creek cannon surprise!" <br /> '''Ed:''' "Boy oh boy oh boy! That's me!" <br /> ''[Ed tries to dive into the cannon, but Eddy pulls it away and stuffs himself inside.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' "I'm the mascot! Clobberer guy, that's me!" ''[The cheerleaders storm off angrily.]'' "Want the best? Get rid of the rest!" ''[Eddy pulls the string, and the cannon shoots him forward five feet.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' ''[to his disheveled teammates]'' "Cover your positions!" <br /> ''[The Lumpers trample down the field, heading for Rolf.]'' <br /> '''Rolf:''' "Curse your positions!" <br /> ''[Whump. Another score goes up on the board for Lemon Brook.]'' ---- ''[The Cobbler has his head in an oven, hunting inside for something.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' "Dumper dumper duddeley do, I like peach cobbler, how about you!" <br /> ''[Ed pulls out a bunch of cobblers, which he hands out to the audience.]'' <br /> '''Lee:''' "Hey!" ''[The Kankers fight over their cobbler.]'' <br /> '''Eddy:''' "Hey! I got some to!" ''[He goes to the oven and turns it over. Nothing comes out.]'' "Well forget him! Look at me! I'm the mascot! I'm way better than him! I'm the clobberer, for crying out loud!" <br /> ''[Kevin shoulders Eddy out of the way.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' ''[to his cobbler-eating teammates]'' "''What'' are you doing? There's a game going on and the other team's winning!" ---- ''[The scoreboard ticks over to 41-0, and then to its final score: 62-0, in favor of the Lemon Brook Lumpers.]'' ---- ''[It is a quiet Peach Creek team that makes its way into their locker room after the game.]'' <br /> '''Edd:''' "Well, gentlemen, it's not if you win or lose, it's how you it were." <br /> ''[The team looks at him angrily.]'' <br /> '''Plank:''' <br /> '''Jonny:''' "I don't remember playing that much either, buddy. But that mascot sure was a hoot!" <br /> ''[Ed bursts in, still costumed.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' "Okay okay. When I say Peach Creek, you say Cobblers! Ready? Peach Creek!" ''[A shoe hits him.]'' <br /> '''Kevin:''' ''[in his regular clothes]'' "End it. Now. Dork." ''[He goes home.]'' <br /> '''Edd:''' ''[also normally clothed]'' "Never you mind him, Ed. You did a wonderful job as mascot today. You really lifted our school spirit." <br /> '''Ed:''' "Well that was real swell of Eddy to take my place in the cannon, Double D." <br /> ''[Ed and Edd exit the school.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' "He saved me a whole lot of soot in places I didn't even know I have." <br /> '''Edd:''' ''[looking around]'' "Ed? Have you see Eddy?" <br /> '''Ed:''' "Didn't you hear, Double D? Eddy was so good he got a job! Eddy's the new mascot for the Lemon Brook Lumpers! The Clobberer is a legend!" <br /> ''[The Lemon Brook bus drives by. Eddy is taped to the back, and lemons are stuffed in his mouth. He pleads with his friends to help him.]'' <br /> '''Edd:''' "Goodness gracious! Stop!" ''[He chases the bus.]'' "Stop the bus!" <br /> ''[Edd falls back, but Ed gains on the bus. Eddy reaches out his hand, and Ed clasps it.]'' <br /> '''Ed:''' ''[shaking hands]'' "See you at the mascot convention, Clobberer guy!" <br /> ''[He lets go, and the bus drives off, Eddy strapped to the back.]''

Could you do that for me, please, Jspyster1? Thank you. XYDUX

Nevermind, my computer let me on today. Disregard the previous message. XYDUX


Sorry for going on like that. It's just, well, I really don't like Edd, as I find him to be perhaps the most deluded member of the Eds, and that's saying something. He always puts rules and the supposedly "moral" thing first, even when Ed has gone to great pains to help him in some way. Granted, any punishment Eddy receives is well-deserved, but Edd should have known in Mission Ed-Possible that Ed's parents would do so much worse than just "sit down and talk to him", plus he should know by now that Ed will never excel in school. In A Case of Ed, he should have known better than to expect his friends to be more interested in listening to him ramble on about how he may have some sort of disease due to his hypochondria than in tormenting a now vulnerable Kevin (who shamelessly bullies them, sometimes without cause) . He also should have known that Ed would've been too stupid to bare any real malice in that prank, and yet he threw Ed to the wolves there too and laughed about it.

His deluded side comes from his refusal to accept the fact that he is the only character in the series who truly gives a damn about learning, education, and rules (well, I guess Rolf cares a lot about the latter). His long-winded monologues with fancy words seem, to me at least, to be him flaunting his superior intelligence when he should know that Ed would not understand him. He just can't seem to get a clue, though in his defense, none of the characters seem to be able to do that either. Either way, his callous betrayal of Ed and letting him get punished along with Eddy for a crime/prank that the former went along with out of stupidity rather than malice, despite all that Ed has done for him, makes Edd, in my opinion, one of the worst characters in the series.

Well sorry if I ever let you down.

I was just trying to be funny but it was all something I attempted. Sorry if I let you down.

Script Template Season Bottom.

May I make a template akin to the ones posted at the bottom of the episode pages (see:
Season 1
"The Ed-Touchables" • "Nagged to Ed" • "Pop Goes the Ed" • "Over Your Ed" • "Sir Ed-a-Lot" • "A Pinch to Grow an Ed" • "Dawn of the Eds" • "Virt-Ed-Go" • "Read All About Ed" • "Quick Shot Ed" • "An Ed Too Many" • "Ed-n-Seek" • "Look Into My Eds" • "Tag Yer Ed" • "Fool on the Ed" • "A Boy and His Ed" • "It's Way Ed" • "Laugh Ed Laugh" • "A Glass of Warm Ed" • "Flea-Bitten Ed" • "Who, What, Where, Ed" • "Keeping up with the Eds" • "Eds-Aggerate" • "Oath to an Ed" • "Button Yer Ed" • "Avast Ye Eds"
Seasons: Season 1Season 2Season 3Season 4Season 5Season 6Specials
See also: Episode Guide

) but for scripts?

Thanks! I'll get to work on the template soon.

Rewrite Category and episode plotlines

I should explain this before I try again. I am trying hard to completely rewrite every episode plot. I am already done with "Pop Goes the Ed" and "Over Your Ed". Unfortunately, I have a habit of sticking to pages with rewritten categories. I am not intending any badge cheating, I am just trying to get all the episode plots fully rewritten. I don't want to start an edit-war, I only intend to keep the rewrite category on a couple of pages until I fully rewrite the entire episode plot on that page. I only intended to keep the rewrite category on "The Ed-Touchables" until I fully rewrote it myself.Cardsknower (talk) 22:50, November 4, 2012 (UTC)Cardsknower

Reuben Awards?

I understand Wikipedia isn't a reliable source, but it states Ed, Edd n Eddy the "Reuben Awards" in the May of 1999. Do you think we should add it to the "List of Awards" page?


Hm! Admin on two Wikis huh? nice!PhazonMario950 (talk) 02:25, November 26, 2012 (UTC)PhazonMaro950

Thanks for fixing the question mark or doom things, probably some glitches on my account or something. This only just started happening.

Vandal Anon.

There's this anon who's been messing with the games pages. He keeps making bad edits that mess up the pages; adding false info and such. Here he is: Please take him down. XYDUX


Should the spoiler template be removed from the movie? XYDUX

Do you like Naruto?

Big fan of Shippuden.

Well sorry if I asked you such a question.

I like anime but we have our own opinions.

User Robert1991

Do you think you can find a way to deal with user Robert1991, because he never adds full stops not apostrophes to his sentences. It would mean a lot to me. Thanks.

SamuelBolton (talk) 02:01, February 6, 2013 (UTC)SamuelBolton

Alright, that'd be great. I'm kinda tired of having to fix the pages he edits.

SamuelBolton (talk) 02:40, February 6, 2013 (UTC)SamuelBolton


Some git keeps trolling with my talk page, puting the same reply I've been trying to delete. Iwant the coward blocked.


Jspyster1 i still dont see this git gone


Deleted quotes?

Jspyster, why did you delete the quotes I put on the episode It Came From Outer Ed? I honestly thought those quotes were funny and I don't see why you deleted them. CaptainFrostedFlakes (talk) 22:37, March 9, 2013 (UTC)


How do I make a block?

No reason just wandering.

Hello again..

Hi Jspyster1! Do you remember me. KingOfWiki1414, the guy who Ripoff drake & josh and the others too.

Hi! KingofWiki1414 Again

Yeah Hi!

i apology for me want to far from last year. Are we still cool?



Why did you revert the quote when ed screamed BIG TROUBLE when Lalahannah622 and I used bold italic letters.

A minor nuisance

The user AmethystKnight has returned. He made a couple of poor edits; you revised one, and I revised one. I believe Kirkland was also involved in it. Anyway, he sent me a message telling me to stop reverting his edits, because I was a powerless idiot (I'm paraphrasing). I sent him a retort, and he proceeded to get more and more vicious until he was eventually banned. He returned today, and proceeded to vandalize my user page. I have reverted the damage but would like to request that you ban AmethystKnight. Thank you. XYDUX

P.S.: I also notified Kirkland about this.

More vandals:

User:ManUndercover. He edited Knight's talk page, deleting the message I left. As Knight has done this in the past, I believe this is a sock account. Edited my user page, deliberately deleting letters from various words in order to make the page look ungrammatical. Then, later, deleted my page–a thread that the Knight originally made.



Some one keeps seeding me the same message I've been trying to get rid off for a mounth now. They don't get it that when delet somthing I don't what it back and it offensive to me when a admin acuses me of trolling when they don't do do anything the guy/girl provoking me. So unless you want me to continue please do your job as an admin and take care of trouble. The troll is Xydux.

And do not not get delet his messages because I think he's a powerless idiot (which s/he is,) but because I'm getting offened and it drives me mad that why. S/HE A TROLL, NOT ME, HIM/HER! And I bet S/he injoys doing this to me. The subject is past tence and I don't what to be reminded of it, I made one mistake and s/he wll not leave  me alone, thats why I did what I did. NOW PLEASE DO ME A FAVOUR, DO YOUR JOB AND END THIS.


Also I was just correcting Him/Her on that last statement because that what I really think.


He's out of control. He just edited one of my statements (see here) and is having an edit war with me over his talk page and my user page. (And that's not even throwing in the fact that he keeps making incoherent posts on my talk page, which I am leaving up to demonstrate his idiocy.) XYDUX

Want to step by the chat?

I am here to talk.


Hi Jspyster1, I wanted to ask you how to put the Featured Article and Media section on the right-side collumn on the Main Page (just like in the EEnE wiki main page)? I don't know how to put that section on my wiki's main page. Please reply and thanks! -SL74

- Me username >> IDLift3000 [Contact me now!]

Is vandalizing wikis a criminal offense?


Star Wars

Check the history of The Fish Duel and Scam of the Century. Then cock and load your banhammer.

Vandalism page

There is a page called Mimi created by User:GalaIlzhoefer66. Please delete that page and block him. Thx!

Could you delete the page "Category:Destruction"? Thanks! XYDUX

I do not know how to respond to this

WhitePinoy (talk) 18:05, May 5, 2013 (UTC) has been making destructive edits with poor grammar. While not overtly vandalous, these edits do harm the wiki and I have had to clean them up. He hasn't been listening to my warnings, so could you hit him with a short ban? XYDUX

A little trouble

Listen, I'm having a little trouble with Cardsknower. He's adding a bunch of extremely long plots to pages (see Nagged to Ed for an example) that make them impossibly long and hard-to-read. I've talked to him several times, and thought we had an agreement about how he'd do these things (because apparently he wants to do them, and agreed to post them in sandboxes on his user page). However, I'm not sure what he's up to, and I may soon need an admin to step in. XYDUX

Okay, could you help us out? If you could read our talk pages, look at the evidence, and decide who's right, it'd be really helpful. XYDUX



I would like to tell about something that happened to me today at school. So I was talking to a rude guy about my favorite TV shows one of them is Ed Edd n Eddy so at the end he told me that the show is the worst most foolish show he had ever seen or heard about. His rudeness bugged me a lot. So I would want to ask you what should I do about this guy?

looking forward for your reply,

Anthony--Thicksnow (talk) 12:46, June 2, 2013 (UTC)


Greetings Jspyster1,

There is something about the show Ed, Edd n Eddy that made me feel uncomfy about it. Firstly I heard several times that the show is based on dead characters and thats some how odd. Secondly from a different source I saw that there is an episode of the show that have aired once was about between October 7th 2003 and October 21, 2003 episode 34 the episode was claimed to be "lost" and only some saw it when it was accidently released. The episode was very disturbing and bothering. Lastly theres something I once saw about an unrealesed episode of the show called "Lose your Ed" the episode is about Jonny got killed then normal stuff happens Edd gets attacked by Eddy and killed using a hammer or a knife I am not sure and so after he gets killed Ed arrives and askes Eddy what have he done then Eddy begins Chasing him around and killing other kids in the Cul De Sac.

So I am very annoyed be these rumors and if that they are true Please help me.


Thicksnow (talk) 10:28, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

Two things:

Firstly, Chintzy moved the page Lackadaisycathro Disease to Lackadaisical Cathro Disease. Should this be moved back? Secondly, Darrell2000 has been editing the "Top" and "TopScript" templates to add a trivia and goofs page to them, and recently added a trivia page to Ed Overboard. Could you take care of this, please? XYDUX

A Dailymotion Embed Question

Hey, I figured out how to embed Dailymotion. (Okay, I looked it up online.) Since Dailymotion doesn't get hit with copyright blockage as often, and they have a decent library of EEnE videos, is it okay if I embed and add a bunch to pages that need said videos? XYDUX

Fanon Vandal (not very urgent)

Mariootoya30 has added a fanon edit about a "sequel" to the Big Picture Show twice. I have warned him, but he doesn't seem to have taken any notice. I also checked his contributions on other wikis, and he has been banned on two of them for making other such edits. I'd like to suggest that you keep an eye on him, just in case. XYDUX

You want to stop by the chat?

I'm waiting for someone to chat with.

Hi! Eddy7454 (talk) 21:55, June 13, 2013 (UTC)Eddy7454

HTML Knowledge

Hey J, It's good to see you

Say J do you or the other admins happen to haven any knowledge about HTML editing? As an admin I have to make templates for my wiki, and I have very poor experience and am currently "borrowing" pre-existing templates from other wikis. Thank you

WhitePinoy (talk) 04:55, June 24, 2013 (UTC) 

Vandal Anon In E Minor

We got a vandal writing gay things about Ed and Eddy. (Seriously, it's gay. It involves fisting.) I'm reverting; here's the address: XYDUX

We've got a second one, although it's unconfirmed. This user's edits resemble the aforementioned vandal's and another earlier vandal, adding in stuff about "Alonzo". The username is XGraffitiX. XYDUX

Scratch that, XGraffitiX and are one and the same. Both have made vandalous edits to the Kevin page that are approximately identical. XYDUX


Hello, Jspy:

I'm thinking that we ought to consider granting Mr. Xydux rollback rights on this wiki. He has proven to be a faithful editor and has actually been the most ardent vandalism-reverter lately, but must go through the entire undo process. I'm not saying we should grant him full administrative privileges because I'm not entirely sure if he's ready for that jurisdiction expansion, but he certainly ought to be able to perform rollbacks. It would be in all our best interests to facilitate his reverting process. Let me know if you have any reservations, concerns, or questions. Thanks,

Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Welcome back. The newest and most significant development while you were gone is that anonymous users can no longer make edits or comments on the wiki, as per a decision by the Wikia staff in compliance with federal COPPA laws. Our wiki was one that was classified as being "high risk" of having editors below the age of 13. As for Xydux, I would agree with you that he should be considered for adminship, but if we do end up adding him to the team later on, we should also clean out the administrators from many years ago who are no longer active here. This way we can keep a finite list of administrators so users have a clear picture of which ones they can expect to contact and receive a response.

Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Excellent. It's good that we have an up-to-date catalog of the administrators. Well, before converting Xydux into an administrator, it would be apropos that we give him some administrative guidance so he has an idea of how to act when performing administrative duties and how to react when situations go down. The only thing about him that I would point out is that he needs to improve his professionalism when communicating with questionable editors and commenters; he gets a bit more emotionally involved than is appropriate for administrators. That said, I think he would be able to integrate into the administrative team just fine because of his consistency in all of the subsequent aspects: faithfulness, reliability, veracity, and activity. I suppose we should also ask him if he actually would accept the responsibility of being an administrator or if he would rather remain just an editor. Let me know what you think.

Kirkland22 Talk - Admin


Oh Hey Jspy,

Say I don't want to be awkward with you, but I just wanted to ask you a few questions, that I know you and probably Kirkland really know about. So I am making a satrical comic book that talks about the problems in society and how we should acknowledge these situations and question the social norms. I'm betting that you have several you could tell me about with this problem, such as specific events, or anything in general. If not I'm sorry for bothering your time. 

WhitePinoy (talk) 18:12, July 13, 2013 (UTC)

Late to the party...

I might be a little late to the party (about two weeks late) but I just realized that you've been contributing to the wiki for five years. Congrats! XYDUX

Pig head

You have been rewarded [1] Stuffed Pig Head by a fellow user for one reason or another. A favorite of Rolf's home country...

Edds hat

You have been awarded Edd's sacred hat! A holy relic indeed! Treat it as a gift from the gods! Then in a few years you can sell it on eBay for $5000 to a crazy fan-girl or something, I don't know...


You have been rewarded [1] Jawbreaker by a fellow user for one reason or another. Oh boy, it's China flavored...


You have been rewarded the key to Eddy's Brother's room! Even though the door is broken, the car is missing, and there is a huge gaping hole in the middle of his wall. Anyhoo, it's all yours now!


I'd like to accept your offer, but I'm not quite sure I'm ready for the responsibility. I'm also a bit busy on the 6teen wiki at the moment and am not sure that I could properly contribute instantly. Could I hold off on making a decision for a month or two to determine if I'm ready (or will ever be)? XYDUX

Thanks. I'll probably get back to you in September. XYDUX

Hey dude!Danthelonious (talk) 21:26, August 6, 2013 (UTC)Danthelonious

I think I am in fact ready to accept the mantle of responsibility and become an administrator. XYDUX
Thank you very much. XYDUX

Hello kind sir, I am new to this page and I do not have much to do lately, so I figured that I may as well do this. I am a huge fan of Ed Edd n' Eddy and would love nothing more than to help make this site perfect! Just figured that I would write you a message saying hi :) You will probably see me go up in the rankings quite a bit, so watch for me in the up-coming months!

On Desolation Ed...

I finally got around to reading the story (a variety of reasons for this, including that I don't read fanfiction and I finally found the time to spend reading it), and I have to say this:


Sincerely, XYDUX

Happy Birthday

Hey Jspy,

I got a message from somewhere, that it was your birthday. If it is, I wish you the best. 

WhitePinoy (talk) 15:27, November 21, 2013 (UTC)

Danny Antonucci Day

Carlos2295 just suggested we have a "Danny Antonucci" day, wherein we celebrate Danny and his contributions to animation. Does this sound like a good idea to you? XYDUX

P.S.: Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday!

The Ed, Edd n Eddy Wiki wishes you a happy birthday. Celebrate with a piece of Edd's homemade pudding skin!!

Kirkland suggested we do it on his birthday, February 27th. XYDUX

Bizarre Question...

Hey Jspy, 

I wanted to talk to you about something a little strange. I've noticed you have a profound sense of cynicism and skepticism, that I honestly admire. So I have come to ask you about an opinion about something that has happened to me. I have been noticing that I have been developing misanthropic emotions and thoughts about alot of people so I wanted to know if you think my feelings are acceptable. 

WhitePinoy (talk) 23:41, December 20, 2013 (UTC)

can we be friends?

HOLYCRAP1920 (talk) 23:44, February 24, 2014 (UTC)HOLYCRAP1920

episodes out of order'

hello Jspyster, I was watching the ed edd n eddy episodes on DVD and i think some of the episodes on this wikia were posted out of order. Brenster23 (talk) 15:38, June 1, 2014 (UTC)

Sorry for being a jerk, Spyster

That was when I was young, but now I've grown and am now not a mean jerk as everyone on this wiki despises me. I mean now I like this wiki and I am very sorry for being mean to you and the people on the wiki.

Title Sequence?

Hi, this is E1craZ4life. I wanted to ask about the "Ed, Edd n Eddy" title sequence; I wasn't able to find the wikia page about it, and wanted to know if you could show me where it is.


Hi, please check this block.

Best, --Rain (Wall) (Community Wiki) (VSTF Wiki) 14:29, October 26, 2014 (UTC)

The user has been blocked. Problem dealt with. Thank you. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday and have a great Thanksgiving Break (if that matters). 

WhitePinoy (talk) 00:14, November 22, 2014 (UTC)

Wait, your birthday was late and I missed it? I'm sorry, but, well, happy birthday! XYDUX


You have been rewarded [1] Jawbreaker by a fellow user for one reason or another. Oh boy, it's China flavored...

Thank you for my Pretty User Page award

Just so you know, it's Shadow the Lifeform. I matured, and am so excited to see an award on my page, one day I want to be like you.

Episode air dates

Hi Jspyster1, it's been a long time since I was last this active on the wiki! I just wanted to raise an issue that I think you and the other admins might want to look into.

I've recently started watching the show from the start again and noticed that the Wikipedia episode guide now refers to the air dates from the iTunes Store.

The majority of earlier episodes (from season 1 to midway through season 3) are listed with later air dates, and some episodes in a different order ("Sir Ed-a-lot" before "A Pinch to Grow an Ed" and "Know-it-all Ed"/"Dear Ed" as the first of season 2). I saw evidence on the "Avast Ye Eds" page that stated that the episode first aired in the first Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, which was June 11, 1999, the supposed original air date, and the end credits for most of the season 2 episodes state 2000 as the year produced.

I am aware of there being conflict in the past between these and the earlier air dates that we use, but I think that it is time that we bring our episode guide in line with what I presume are the actual air dates.

Let me know what you think and feel free to discuss this with the other admins.

Jr.2k8 (talk) 23:40, February 28, 2015 (UTC)

hey i don't know if you know or not but do you know what happened to bad girls with big hearts or where i could find a version that hasn't been removed i would greatly appreciate it since i left a message for kilted engineer but he has not deigned to answer me whether by fault or purpose i do not care i only wish to read bad girls with big hearts again thanks 

You were the first one to get the reference! You're now officially my favorite person.Mr. Cadillac (talk) 20:07, July 25, 2015 (UTC) Mr. Cadillac.

Why the hell did you reverted my recent edits for? Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show is a movie, not a damn special. RollOverTheFloor (talk) 03:27, September 4, 2015 (UTC)

I'm going change it right back now or later, as I'm currently using mobile at the moment. RollOverTheFloor (talk) 03:35, September 4, 2015 (UTC)

wikia chat

do you wanna chat

Title changes

Is it possible to undo page title changes? Because when I tried, I couldn't do it.

Catching Up

Hey Jspy, while I did check up on my recent blog for updates, I had the misfortune of missing your post until now and I felt responding by being a message here would be quicker:

"Now I'm just a self-deprecating college student who is quite embarrassed by all the crap I used to say/do (pretty much anything pre-2014)."

All the more reason to appreciate how far you've gone, ain't it? I myself still cringe at that one EEnE/Mass Effect crossover I never finished that I wanted you to read, even though it's been long buried by time. It's not even the worst thing I published, and the most I'll say about that is it was a mistake and has until very recently killed my drive to write fanfiction at all. But less on that. Hope you can manage to get yourself back into gear, Eddy just barely made it to Not-Necropolis where DE left off, and even after all this time I and no doubt a few others want to see what happens next. Speaking of EEnE Fallout crossovers, while this might be ancient news for all I know, for some reason Evil Tim 17 pulled down Saviors of the Wastes and I just found out now. That's just sad, man, if only he left a copy of it somewhere... :(

Anyway, as I said before, I play quite a bit of TF2 now. I don't know if you still do, but could you add me on Steam? I make a decent Medic and together with TheMelon93 (remember him?) we could probably give that git Saxton Hale a good old fashioned beatin'.

Overall, great to talk to you again, Jspy. I'll be around here a bit longer awaiting your reply.

-Dr. Angryslacks

Available for Chat?

I would like to speak to you in private... 

WhitePinoy (talk) 02:55, December 23, 2015 (UTC)

Catching up

Hello, Jspy. I thought I would leave you a message to catch up on a few things. I'll try to keep it brief, though I will surely fail at that.

First of all, since you and I are essentially the last remaining administrators on the Fanon Wiki, I think we should consider somebody else for adminship over there. The Fanon Wiki is in a position that the canon wiki has never been in before: an extended period of time without even one active administrator to clean up garbage, update featured content, and perform site maintenance. Obviously, we cannot expect Jr.2k8 or Rcmero to make a grand return, and needless to say, you and I don't have the patience or time to monitor that place regularly. If we aren't going to just give up on it, I think perhaps we should approach User:Ananasz about becoming an admin. Ananasz is the only consistent contributor over there of whom I'm aware, unless you have other ideas.

On the other hand, this wiki (the canon one) is in a much better state. Xydux has released a new Status Report for the coming year of 2016, which mostly consists of undertakings like cleaning up junk trivia, updating cast information, and uploading higher quality images. On the latter point, Carlos has been helping massively. He and Xydux have really become the lifeblood of the wiki, and for that I think perhaps we could even approach him as the next admin, now that we are no longer graced by the presence of Agent M, Stealthghost or Doc Mad, not to mention any of the old guard.

We also need to update our templates in order to meet Wikia's new mobile-friendly standards. I posted about this in detail here explaining the background of the problem and what needs to be done. It'll probably require some knowledge of CSS coding in order for them to transfer properly while keeping our existing template colors. I don't really trust myself to do this competently, so if you have a better grasp or know anyone who does, please let us know.

Well, that was a longer-than-expected post. Sorry about that. I hope college is treating you well, Jspy, have a good one. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

No problem on the lateness. I all too familiar with medical issues, and I hope you're doing okay.
I trust your judgment about the Fanon Wiki. It would probably be better to approach someone from this wiki to do the routine administrative tasks over there. For example, the featured content on the front page hasn't been changed in three and a half years (so much for Featured Article of the Month!) and somebody familiar with the content on the wiki should update that regularly (I'm not). Also, there are the occasional disputes between fanfiction writers or between reviewers that need to be resolved.
Alternatively, we could allow the place to rot and fade away (as you mentioned, much of the articles have long been abandoned by their original authors and weren't very good to begin with anyway). As an admin, though, I'd feel guilty if we didn't at least pass the baton onto someone else.
Great idea about retrofitting. In the coming days I will look around for similar templates and copy over the coding to ours and plug in the pertinent information. Fortunately there's only about a dozen infobox templates of ours that are marked by Wikia as needing to be migrated.
Good to hear from you. Really pleased about the status quo of this wiki, despite the lower amount of traffic. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Hello again. FYI, today a Wikia staff member demoted users InstantWinston and NegaZilla at my request, leaving you as the lone bureaucrat here (somehow these two were still bureaucrats in the system, despite one of them never having edited here). Strangely enough, these two users actually remain in the user rights log as Administrators. Could you perhaps get rid of their admin status on the UserRights page? Thanks. -Kirkland22 Talk - Admin

Apologies Jspyster1

I'm sorry for everything I had done...when I realized that I wasn't as...devoted to the show as the rest...I moved on from this wiki and went to deviantart. With my head cleared, I managed to start anew. So I don't have any issues, I was young and reckless, possibly beginner on these wiki sites. None of it was a notion of a friend request.I'm not expecting you to forgive me for everything insult I said to you, I'm sorry.--John the big ODST (talk) 09:24, January 17, 2016 (UTC)

hi cankers i'm seeing you again so I miss you

I've started some blogs. They are titled under my account Zman12346. If you would come and read my blogs and possibly give me a comment, I would be eternally grateful. 

So far I have two blogs ("Is Nazz evil?" and "Things that would make the show much much better)

As well as this, I've made a new fanfiction about the purgatory theory. I think it is much more accurate than the current purgatory theory and it is a good story. Its called "the streets of purgatory" and its really good. 

Thank you in advance for reading this comment. I really appreciate it.

Thank you as well for being such an epic person. Have a nice day.

Zman12346 (talk) 17:42, March 9, 2016 (UTC)Zman12346

Why'd you get rid of it?

Steven+Amethyst=UnknownFusion (talk) 14:37, April 19, 2016 (UTC)Hello Jspyster1. I saw you got rid of the edit I made on the "Rambling Ed" page. Why'd you get rid of it? What was wrong with it?

Hi Jspyster1,

thanks for telling me!    

i really like ed edd n eddy so will prooobably be on the wikia alot.                                                                                                                                            

                                                Bookworm116 (talk) 01:22, May 15, 2016 (UTC) 


Do you know where Beatrice's (Rolf's cow) name is mentioned in official material? I can't find it in any of the scripts, so I'm wondering how we know that's the name of the cow. XYDUX

Hello! Is there anything I can do to help this wiki?

MSD615 (talk) 02:38, October 12, 2016 (UTC) MSD

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