Eddy with the volcano.

The Volcano Vacuum is a bizarre machine that only appeared at the beginning of "3 Squares and an Ed." It is seen in the basement of Edd's house when Eddy found it in Edd's "Cabinet of Failed Inventions." As Eddy began to inspect it, he unsuspectingly stepped on the button that initiated the contraption's suction capabilities, and his head was sucked inside. Edd was amused by this, which infuriated Eddy so much that he attempted to crush Edd with the volcano. Eddy missed completely and damaged the machine severely through its impact with the ground. He soon got his head out of the vacuum and began to chase Edd all the way over to Ed's house.

It is possible that Edd considered the Volcano Vacuum a failure because instead of erupting as a volcano is supposed to, it sucked people in. It was not seen in any further episodes.


  • Eddy: "Hey, is that a volcano?!"
    Edd: "Eddy, not that old thing!"
    Eddy: [while getting his head sucked into the volcano] "DOUBLE D!"


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