The Wall of Chunky Puffs appeared in "The Day the Ed Stood Still." It was created when Ed, convinced he was a monster, snatched up the neighborhood kids and stuck them to his wall with chewed-up Chunky Puffs. While Edd theorized that Ed may have gotten the idea from a movie he saw, Eddy slipped into the basement and tried to extort the kids, telling them that he'd get them off the wall for 50 cents per person. Before this plan could take effect, however, Edzilla reappeared and menaced both his friends and the kids. Before Edzilla could stick them to his wall, however, Sarah arrived and unmasked him, causing Ed to quit being a monster. When the other kids began to riot and Sarah went over to help, the Eds quietly slipped out of the room and went to hide under Eddy's bed.

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